comp cams thumpr auto hauler toys

Die Cast Collector Call: COMP Cams Thumpr Auto Hauler Toys

M2 Machines has announced the release of its new line of COMP Cams Thumpr Auto Hauler toys. The retro 1:64 scale die cast collectibles include a tractor-trailer and vehicle with the Thumpr Cam branding, as well as a display base and acrylic case.

The company is currently offering versions for Dodge, Chevy, and Ford. Available models are the 1957 Dodge COE and the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner HEMI; the 1958 Chevy Spartan LCF and the 1967 Chevy Nova SS; and the 1970 Ford C-950 and the 1965 Ford Econoline van. A limited edition version of the Ford offering is also available. This chase version features a red trailer and red-tinted chrome wheels, fuel tanks and bumpers. M2 Machines has produced 5,880 each of the standard collectible versions, but only 750 of the limited edition red Ford version.

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