Back to the Future Fan-Made Trailer excites fans

The fan-base for Back to the Future films is still going strong. We’ve lost count of the number of DeLoreans that have been transformed into time machines and film props from the original films still command a hefty price at auctions.

Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and access to affordable, easy editing software is like weaponizing a virus, turning brand fans into amateur filmmakers creating solid work with little to no marketing budgets. Some of the most buzzworthy stuff has been for feature films, done by movie fans who have spliced footage together from preceding films or augmented teasers released by studios. The trailer blends elements of commercials, films and more to come up with an impressive piece that has already had just over one million views in a week.

We just wish movie studios would give people like this a proper budget.

Check out the piece for yourself.

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