Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series Recap from 11th LMC Truck Spring Lone Star Nationals

The revamped and revitalized Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series turned its first tire in 2021 last weekend at the 11th LMC Truck Spring Lone Star Nationals, and there was no better place to kick off the racing action than the home of “No Limits” – Texas Motor Speedway!

Some exciting changes we saw unfold at the season-opening event were the addition of the new Challenger class (which is more of an entry-level class instead of driving straight into the increasingly competitive Street Machine class), a slew of new AutoCross awards and prizes being handed out, all new Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series signage and literature, at-event live timing brought to you by Optima Batteries, and new and improved cars and trucks that saw some serious shop time during the off-season.

There was a huge truck focus for this LMC Truck sponsored event, and that focus spilled over to the AutoCross pits with a record number of trucks lining up to race. LMC Truck got in on the AutoCross action and stepped up with a LMC Truck AutoCross shootout for the eight fastest trucks on the property. Add that shootout in with the (4) four-car shootouts sponsored by Tremec (PRO-X, PRO, Street Machine, and Truck/Challenger), as well as the Friday night “Pros vs. Joes” shootout and the head-to-head elimination-style competition was aplenty on top of racers vying for overall class wins with the fastest time.

Kicking things off was the Friday Night Pros vs. Joes shootout where PRO-X and PRO class drivers squared off against the fastest Street Machine, Truck, and Challenger racers. The kicker was that the “Joes” (Street Machine, Truck, and Challenger drivers) were given a handicap on their time. Representing the Pros were the three Summit Racing cars of Josh, Jared, and Karen Leisinger, Corey Williams, and Charles Davis. On the Joes side of the ladder we saw Bill Graves Sr., Tim Molzen, Rob MacGregor, Greg Scherer, and Craig Williams. The handicap worked keeping the times within a couple tenths of a second, and drivers from both sides continued to advance. The final round saw Jared Leisinger (PRO-X) square off against Bill Graves (Street Machine). Even with a handicap, Bill Graves’ Corvette was not able to defeat the hard-charging Corvette roadster of Jared Leisinger…who we should mention had been out of the seat since the 2019 season.

Shootout action continued into Saturday evening with the Tremec Lone Star Shootouts. Each shootout was compiled of the four quickest drivers in each class; the Truck / Challenger shootout saw the two quickest drivers from each class fill the ladder. Starting things off was the PRO-X shootout where Josh and Jared Leisinger duked it out as the only two PRO-X drivers in attendance. It was Jared who won the Pros vs. Joes shootout the evening prior, but Josh had something to say about that claiming the PRO-X shootout victory with a better time of 33.899 to Jared’s 34.327. Josh also claimed the overall PRO-X class win with his fastest time of the weekend being a 33.759 to Jared’s best of 33.861.

The PRO class shootout saw four Camaro’s fill the ladder as Corey Williams, Karen Leisinger, Jason Bottenfield, and Charles Davis were laying down the quickest times in their class. Karen Leisinger advanced over Jason Bottenfield in the opening round as did Corey Williams over Charles Davis. Williams was at the top of the class all weekend and proved that with a fast 34.735 in the final round defeating Karen’s 36.477 for the double-up PRO class shootout victory and overall class win.

The Forgeline Street Machine class was packed with close racing as all four qualified drivers were in the 36-second zone. History looks to be repeating itself as Street Machine front runners Tim Molzen and Bill Graves Sr. are continuing their friendly rivalry that is now progressing into its third season. Molzen defeated Craig Williams in the opening round with a 36.150 to a 36.707 and Graves beat Greg Scherer with a 36.073 to a 36.527. In the final round Graves was first to run and he stopped the clocks with a 35.276 for Molzen to better. Molzen indeed tried, and tried too hard, hitting a cone and getting a 1-second penalty making his final round time a 37.551 handing the win to Graves. But these two drivers left Texas 1-1 as Molzen claimed the overall Street Machine class win with the fastest time of 34.668 to Graves’ close 34.689.

Wrapping up the Tremec Shootout’s was the combined Challenger and Truck class. New FiTech Challenger class front runners Stan Martin (’30 Model A) and Jared Cash (’64 Corvette) squared up against LMC Truck class heavy-hitters Rob MacGregor (’86 C10) and Brandon Carter (’72 D100) for a winner take all battle. Martin and Cash were first up, and the little Model A continues to impress beating the sleek Corvette with a 40.273 over a 41.194. The Trucks were next, and Carter beat MacGregor with a 38.198 to a DNF from MacGregor. Martin’s Model A found time on the course and dipped into the 39-second zone in the final round with a 39.900, but it wasn’t enough to better Carter’s Dodge pickup which also improved to a 37.858 for the shootout victory. MacGregor claimed the overall LMC Truck class victory with a best time during the weekend of 35.827, and Martin found the FiTech Challenger class winners circle with a best time of 39.142 for the weekend.

The truck only LMC Truck shootout ended the racing action Saturday night with eight hot haulers finding their way on the ladder. We saw Squarebody’s, a couple Dodge’s, and a few early Ford trucks racing head-to head. Robert Osborne was the first to advance over Mike Ulmer with a 38.645 to a 40.292, Brandon Carter followed suit with a 37.940 over Charles Daniels’ penalty-ridden 52.916. Next up was Dick Speed speeding past Jeff Dunlap with a 39.611 to a 41.160, and Rob MacGregor (driving Bill Holt’s Squarebody Chevy) led the opening round with a 36.785 over Guy Taylor’s 40.734.

The second round was more closely matched, and Carter continued his winning ways beating Osborne with a 37.473 to a 38.827. MacGregor stayed in the 36-second zone laying down a 36.254 in the second round beating Speed’s 39.815. Carter and MacGregor were on a collision course all weekend, and the LMC Truck shootout was no different. Carter stayed consistent with a 37.810, but so did MacGregor with a 36.427 to claim the LMC Truck shootout title.

During Meguiar’s All American Sunday, Chris Wheelock ran the table in his 2010 Corvette claiming both the Wilwood Disc Brakes All American Sunday class victory as well as the 8-car All American Sunday shootout.

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Photos by Terry Lysak

Director of Media & Marketing

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