Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys ax

Gearing up for a Renewed and Revitalized Goodguys CPP AutoCross Season

Cruise through nearly any Goodguys National event or Get-Together and you’re bound to hear the roar of revving engines and the howl of exploited tires coming from one specific area of the facility. Follow those sounds and you’ll find some action to match the noise – fast acceleration, quick shifting, hard cornering, and strategic braking, with an occasional spinout or flying cone for good measure. We’re talking about Goodguys Classic Performance Products (CPP) AutoCross, a dynamic feature of nearly every Goodguys event that brings fun, competition, and energy to the weekend.

Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys ax

The mission of Goodguys CPP AutoCross series is simple – to produce a competitive racing series that showcases driver skill, highlights industry innovation, and excites passion for the automobile. Goodguys has promoted AutoCross for 15 years now and during that time the activity has matured into a thrilling and intense competition. Our top classes attract seasoned drivers from across the country competing in purpose-built performance machines. At the same time, we still provide opportunities for any event participant to hit the track in their car or truck and put their driving skills to the test. That’s right, you can get in on the action, too! If you’re a registered Goodguys participant – and your vehicle passes a basic tech inspection – you can take a fun run around the track or compete in the class best suited for your ride. How cool is that!

As we rev up for the 2021 event season, Goodguys has made a number of updates and rules changes to the CPP AutoCross Series that we feel will make competition even more fair and fun for everyone. This includes a revised class structure, revitalized Saturday Shootouts, new sponsors, and a dedicated website devoted to providing more focused, timely, and relevant information. Simply put, it’s shaping up to one of the best years ever for the Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series and we’re excited to get things kicked off!

Changes for 2021

Just like any AutoCross competitor strives to improve year-over-year, Goodguys is always thinking of ways to fine tune our competitions. We put a renewed focus on this for the 2021 and are introducing several updates that we feel will increase participation, improve competition, and make the series more enjoyable and engaging for all participants.

Perhaps the most significant change is bringing Classic Performance Products on board as the CPP AutoCross Series sponsor. This is the first time the AutoCross series has had a dedicated sponsor and CPP has stepped up in a big way to help give it a major boost. The company’s sponsorship will help us promote and provide better AutoCross competitions at 17 events this season, and you’ll see plenty of CPP logos on banners, backgrounds, and support materials. Additionally, CPP will become the title sponsor of the CPP AutoCrosser of the Year award, part of the Goodguys Top 12.

Another big change is the announcement of the new FiTech Challenger Class. This will replace the old Hot Rod class and is a perfect entry point for first-time AutoCrossers and those who are still developing their track skills. We’ll get into more specifics in our Class Breakdown section, but the basics for this class are a 3,200-pound minimum vehicle weight and 285mm maximum front tire width.

As part of the new FiTech Challenger Class, we’re also establishing a Breakout Rule. It’s designed to level the field while keeping the class competitive. At each event, Goodguys staff will monitor the Challenger field and should any of the top ten competitors in Challenger Class run 2-seconds or less on average quicker than the average of the top ten in the class after the first three runs, they will be moved up to an appropriate class for their vehicle – Street Machine, PRO or PRO-X. Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys axFor more details on this rule, be sure to check out the new Goodguys CPP AutoCross website,

Yes, you read that right – we’ve developed an all-new dedicated website for Goodguys AutoCross:! The goal is for this to be a go-to resource for all things related to Goodguys AutoCross, from a complete breakdown of class rules, to schedule information, points standings, timely event results, and much more. Be sure to bookmark this, as it will be an invaluable tool for staying up to date with all the AutoCross action. We have also launched GoodguysAX Instagram account for more focused digital content and communication.

The Fundamentals

Let’s back up and review some basics for those who might be unfamiliar with AutoCross. It’s fundamentally a timing event. In AutoCross, you’re competing for low elapsed time, much like a drag race. The big difference is that you have to turn left and right – and you’re on the track by yourself. While you might be competing against others in your class or in that weekend’s event, you’re also racing against your own time – striving to improve your skill and beat your last best lap.

Course layouts vary from event to event and are designed to be both fun and challenging for all driver experience levels. Tight corners and compact layouts mean that driver skill and cornering agility are key elements for being competitive. The highest-horsepower cars are not always the fastest ones around the course.

Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys ax

Naturally, the goal is to get through course as fast as possible, but control is the key – you don’t want to earn a 2-second cone penalty by knocking over a cone, especially when you consider that many wins or losses are measured in hundredths or thousandths of a second. Good braking power is also crucial around the course, as well as at the end of your run, where you must come to a complete stop in the stop box for your lap to count.

Behind The Cones – It’s About Time

AutoCross is a timing event, so it’s crucial to have accurate timing equipment to monitor runs and keep the competition progressing smoothly throughout the day. Goodguys is proud to announce that Optima Batteries has stepped up as The Official Timing Sponsor of Goodguys AutoCross to help with this effort.

This sponsorship will be visible through Optima’s logo on timing boards and on other Goodguys AutoCross materials. Optima will also become the sponsor of the Optima Batteries Duel In Des Moines Shootout at the Speedway Motors Heartland Nationals in Des Moines.

To top this all off, the company is sponsoring the Optima Batteries Super-Charger Award, which will be awarded to two racers each race weekend who have the most improved lap times. One award will be chosen from Truck Class, Challenger Class, and Fun Runs; the second will be awarded to the All-American Sunday class.

Saturday Shootouts

At three-day Goodguys National events, there are qualifying class runs on Friday and Saturday, culminating in an exciting Shootout on Saturday afternoon. Once class winners are announced (typically around 3pm), four Shootout ladders are established, consisting of the four fastest vehicles from the PRO-X, PRO, and Street Machine classes, and the two fastest vehicles from the Truck and Challenger classes. Essentially, each class has its own shootout – with a combined Truck and Challenger class Shootout. If a full ladder cannot be filled in any class, eligible cars from other classes will be inserted.

Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys ax

Drivers are required to wear a helmet while competing, and vehicles must pass a basic tech inspection. For full details, visit

The Wilwood All-American Class has the perk of getting its own Sunday All-American Shootout. Following qualifying rounds on Sunday morning, the eight fastest cars in the Wilwood All-American Class will make up the ladder for the All-American Sunday Shootout during the afternoon.

The Shootout process is altered a little at two-day Get-Together events in Pleasanton. Since there is no model year cap at these events, All-American Class cars can compete all weekend long. Qualifying on Saturday and Sunday culminates around 11am on Sunday, when four ladders – consisting of the four fastest vehicles from the PRO-X, PRO, and Street Machine classes, and the two fastest vehicles from the Truck and Challenger classes – are established for the afternoon Shootout.

Season-Ending Duel

Goodguys will continue the longstanding tradition of finishing the AutoCross season with the Dynamic Duel in the Desert during the 24th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale November 19-21. The top two overall times of each event Shootout will receive an invitation to Scottsdale for the Duel in the Desert. If the winner has already received an invite, the invitation will go to the next class winner until there are two invites from each event. If all five class winners already have an invite or decline, then no cars/drivers will be invited from that event shootout.

Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys ax

During the Southwest Nationals, the Friday qualifying runs will consist of those who earned a Duel in the Desert invitation throughout the season, as well as others who are looking to race their way into the Shootout. On Saturday the fastest 32 cars will move into qualifying and set the 32-car Duel in the Desert field. The winner of the Duel becomes the Goodguys CPP AutoCrosser of the Year.

Treadwear Basics

Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys axLooking at the Goodguys CPP AutoCross rules, you’ll see a reference to a treadwear minimum for tires. The specific rule states in part that cars must run “DOT tires that are available to the public from a commercial retail outlet at the time of the event and UTQG tread wear will be limited to 200 minimum.”

What, exactly, is a treadwear rating? It’s a measure established by the U.S. government as part of its Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) system to assist consumers when they buy tires. It’s a comparative scale so, for example, the useful tread on a tire graded 400 should theoretically last twice as long as a tire graded 200. The higher the number, the longer the tire tread should last – which usually means the tread is harder.

In addition to the minimum 200 treadwear, Goodguys rules state that any tire series used by AutoCrossers must come in a minimum of four sizes, and that no tires can be down to the wear indicators.

Make Points

All Goodguys CPP AutoCross classes will compete in a points system to determine the 2021 season class champions. Drivers will earn points based on how well they finish in their class at each event, and will earn extra points if they finish first or second in the Saturday Shootout. Class points champions will be those with the highest combined points totals from their best five events during the 2021 season, along with any shootout points earned from those five events. At least three of those events must be Goodguys National events. If a points tie occurs, the class winner will be determined by the fastest qualifying time at the Duel in the Desert during the 2021 Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals.

Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys ax

Strap In & Have Fun!

We’ve given you the basics – now it’s your turn to come out and join the AutoCross fun this event season! You can find more details on Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series racing and a complete list of rules for the 2021 season online at It’s shaping up to be our best AutoCross season ever and we encourage you all to show up, strap in, and hit the track for some Goodguys CPP AutoCross action!

Goodguys CPP Autocross series, goodguys autocross, goodguys ax

Class Breakdowns

You gotta have class. To keep racing fun and fair, Goodguys has established six racing classes catering to racers ranging from those with first-time experience, to novice competitors, to pro-level hotshoes. This class structure accommodates a range of qualified vehicles in stock or mildly modified street trim, to aggressive street-prepped track cars and fully prepped competition machines. Our goal is to position competitors in a class that allows for skill and vehicle development.

Following is a brief breakdown of classes with basic parameters for each one. More comprehensive class rules can be found at

PRO-X Class

Since its introduction in 2019, the PRO-X class has been popular for racers with purpose-built machines seeking to compete at the highest level. Fast action and intense competition are the hallmarks of this class, so you’d better bring big power and some pretty serious skill.

2021 PRO-X Class Basics

  • PRO-X class consists of vehicles weighing less than 3000 pounds (less driver)
  • PRO-X Class vehicles must be 1987-or-older in appearance representing a production car
  • Full tube chassis race cars allowed in this class
  • Any front tire size over a 315mm

PRO Class

It’s called PRO for a reason – these are serious drivers and machines. Weight and tire size are the primary differences between PRO and PRO-X, but we frequently see the two classes competing at similar levels. We’re still waiting to witness a PRO Class driver rise up and knock off a PRO-X driver to win a Saturday Shootout!

2021 PRO Class Basics

  • PRO-Class vehicles must be 1987-or-older in appearance representing a production car
  • PRO class consists of vehicles weighing less than 3000 pounds (less driver)
  • Front tire sizes from 295mm to 315mm are allowed
  • AutoCross sponsor cars must be house cars only or owned by a full-time employee of the sponsoring company, unless they exceed the limits of PRO and are moved to PRO-X

Forgeline Street Machine Class

The Street Machine class is the most popular in Goodguys CPP AutoCross and gains a new class sponsor – Forgeline – for 2021. We wouldn’t call it “entry level,” but there are many dual-purpose cars running in Forgeline Street Machine – cars that can drive to the event, spend a hard day on the track, and still be used for evening cruisin’. It’s always competitive thanks to the sheer volume of participants.

2021 Forgeline Street Machine Basics

  • All vehicles must be 1950-1987 in appearance, representing a production car; Goodguys Get-Togethers (two-day events in Pleasanton, CA) can be 1950-and-newer
  • All vehicles will run a minimum weight of 3000 pounds (less driver)
  • Maximum front tire width is 285mm
  • AutoCross sponsor cars will not be able to run in Forgeline Street Machine

Behind The Cones sponsored by Forgeline

Forgeline LogoForgeline Wheels has been a longtime supporter of Goodguys CPP AutoCross and has stepped up to sponsor the Street Machine class in 2021.

As the class sponsor, Forgeline Street Machine decals will adorn all class competition vehicles and the company is supplying a set of forged aluminum wheels to be awarded to the 2021 Forgeline Street Machine season points winner! Additionally, Forgeline will sponsor the Buckeye Autocross Shootout at the Summit Racing Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, July 9-11.

“Goodguys’ unique events have a powerful way of unifying and growing the hot rod community,” said Foregline CEO David Schardt. “We’re excited for the 2021 season to start and eager to see which competitor will shine through and earn that set of Forgeline wheels.”

LMC Truck Class

Trucks do more than haul cargo – at Goodguys CPP AutoCross, they can also haul some tail around the track. LMC Truck has stepped up to sponsor this year’s LMC Truck Class to help prove the capability of these old workhorses. Whether it’s a mildly modified squarebody C10 or a ’50s F100 with a custom chassis, this is your class!

2021 LMC Truck Class Basics

  • All trucks must be 1987-or-older in appearance, representing a production vehicle; Goodguys Get-Together events (two-day events in Pleasanton, CA) can be newer than 1987
  • 1940-and-older trucks are not required to run fenders, roof or hood sides; trucks without a roof must have a roll bar
  • Any vehicle with a bed – including panel trucks, deliveries, El Caminos and Rancheros – will be in this class
  • Minimum vehicle weight is 3500 pounds (less driver) – Goodguys may adjust the weight as needed for compact trucks
  • Maximum front tire width is 305mm
  • Fuel tanks do NOT have to be in stock location, but must be securely mounted

Behind The Cones sponsored by LMC Truck

goodguys, LMC Truck, truck of the year late, truck of the yearThe truck parts experts at LMC Truck have worked closely with Goodguys on several initiatives in recent years, and it’s a natural step for the company to sponsor the LMC Truck Class as part of the 2021 Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series.

As class sponsor, the LMC logo will be included in LMC Truck Class decals and other support materials. LMC Truck will also provide a $1,000 gift card to the 2021 season points champion in the class. On top of this, the company is sponsoring the special Truck Shootout – and is the event title sponsor – at the LMC Truck Spring Lone Star Nationals March 12-14.

Goodguys is excited to expand its sponsor partnership with LMC Truck and welcomes the support the company will bring to the Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series.

FiTech Challenger Class

This new class is geared toward entry-level AutoCrossers and those who are still developing their track skills. It’s a great place to get started, gain experience, hone your driving skills, or simply have fun while participating in a competitive atmosphere. C’mon, challenge yourself!

2021 FiTech Challenger Class Basics

  • Minimum vehicle weight is 3000 pounds (less driver)
  • All vehicles must be 1987-or-older in appearance, representing a production car
  • Highboys and roadsters are not required to run fenders or hood sides, but must run a hood top; roadsters must have a roll cage
  • Maximum front tire width is 285mm
  • Breakout Rule: At each event, Goodguys AutoCross timing staff will monitor the Challenger field and should any of the top 10 competitors in Challenger Class run 2-seconds or less on average quicker than the average of the top 10 in the class after the first three runs, they will be moved to Street Machine, Pro or ProX

Behind The Cones sponsored by FiTech

FiTech LogoIn addition to being the Preferred Fuel System of Goodguys, FiTech will sponsor the FiTech Challenger Class as part of the 2021 Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series.

FiTech’s brand logo will be displayed on every Challenger Class competitor’s car and FiTech will provide the 2021 class winner a yearend award in the form of a fuel system or fuel injection system. The company will also serve as the title sponsor of the 11th FiTech Fuel Injection Spring Nationals taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 16-18.

“Goodguys is like a family reunion to us,” said FiTech Sales Manager Mike Wahl. “We believe in making a personal connection with our customers and Goodguys allows us to do that. The support we receive has always been wonderful.”

Wilwood Disc Brakes All-American Class

Late-model guys, here’s your time to shine! The Wilwood Disc Brakes All-American Class welcomes 1988-and-newer American-made or American-powered vehicles during All American Sunday at Goodguys National events, and all weekend long at Goodguys Get-Togethers in Pleasanton. This class attracts the latest muscle cars from the Big Three. Add in LS-swapped imports, Teslas, supercharged Cadillacs, and more, and the action is not to be missed!

2021 Wilwood All-American Class Basics

  • All American-made or American-powered 1988-and-newer cars and trucks will be in this class and can only run on Sundays at Nationals events; All-American class can run all weekend at Goodguys Get-Together events (two-day events in Pleasanton, CA)
  • Maximum tire size of the largest production size tire for that model vehicle
  • Treadwear should be production equipped rate or 200 minimum
  • If less than production equipped or 200 treadwear, vehicle will be eligible for FUN run only

Behind The Cones sponsored by Wilwood

wilwood logoBrakes play a critical role in any AutoCross vehicle and Wilwood Disc Brakes has long delivered outstanding braking products for a versatile range of street and competition vehicles. Gooduys is happy to welcome the company as class sponsor of the Wilwood All-American Class.

Open to 1988-and-newer American-made or American-powered vehicles that compete during All American Sunday at Goodguys National events, Wilwood All-American Class competitors will run a class decal on their vehicle that bears the Wilwood logo, and Wilwood will be offering up a special award to the 2021 season points winner. On top of all that, Wilwood will be sponsoring the Music City Mayhem Shootout as part of the BASF Nashville Nationals May 28-30.

Fun Run

The Fun Run class is just that – it’s designated for any registered participant who is new to AutoCross and would like to experience a Goodguys AutoCross track. It’s also a class you can run if you have a vehicle that doesn’t meet the class qualification requirements for other Goodguys AutoCross classes. Your car must meet our vehicle safety rules and general car rules, as well as run a Fun Run class decal – simple as that.

Sponsor Salute

Producing a safe and competitive racing series takes a lot of effort from the AutoCross staff and racers, as well as from our valuable sponsor partners. Goodguys is grateful to the sponsors behind the 2021 CPP AutoCross Series, as they help promote the success of the series and allow us to keep the costs low and provide opportunities for racers and the racing community. We could not produce this series without these great partners – who are also some of the top names in the performance aftermarket. Please help us support these companies and thank them for their support.

Series Title Sponsor:

Classic Performance Products (CPP)

Street Machine Class:


Challenger Class:

FiTECH Fuel Injection

Truck Class:

LMC Truck

All-American Class:

Wilwood Disc Brakes

Live Timing:

Optima Batteries

Presenting Sponsors:

Kicker Audio
Speedway Motors
TREMEC Transmissions
Summit Racing Equipment
Gearstar Performance Transmissions
Auto Meter Products

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