2023 Reunion Truck Show, C10Talk, C10 Talk

The Only Multi-Level Truck Show – The 2023 Reunion Truck Show

March 11th, 2023 marked the second annual Reunion Truck Show held in Historic downtown Chandler, AZ. A show that was created by Truck Talk Media founder Ronnie Wetch who is a classic truck aficionado. Unlike good friend and fellow enthusiast Dino of Dino’s Git Down (a GM-only truck show), the Reunion Truck Show is open to all truck manufacturers, lifted or lowered, new or old, mini or full. Basically, anything with a truck bed is good to roll in.

2023 Reunion Truck Show, C10Talk, C10 Talk
2023 Reunion Truck Show, C10Talk, C10 Talk

One of if not the most unique aspects of the show is its multi-level garage parking setup. Trucks get in line before sunrise to be parked from the top of the garage down to the bottom floor. The top deck of the parking garage showcases some of the finest builds of the show. Even though this event is held in March, being that it’s Arizona, having the shade of a parking garage is an added benefit. Elevators are available on each level however most people walk the levels to check out all the cool rides.

2023 Reunion Truck Show, C10Talk, C10 Talk

Looking down from the garage you can view the luscious green grass and space needed to house all the food vendors, numerous show exhibitors including show sponsors UPcarparts, U.S. Mags, and LMC Truck all had a presence at the show. A face painting tent was available for the little ones along with an artist doing some free hand drawings. A DJ was blasting beats all day to keep everyone vibing in that 80’s music kinda way.

For those of you that have rides that don’t necessarily fit into a parking garage, or you have trouble making 90-degree turns (you know who you are), don’t worry because Ronnie made sure there was specialty parking just for you. On the main drag you had laid-out duallies and across from them were the boys and girls that like to live that lifted lifestyle.

2023 was the first time there was a pre-party for the following days’ festivities. The QuartHaus welcomed the pre-gamers to house brewed draft beers, a large patio to relax and catch up with friends, cornhole boards to throw your arm out, and a food truck or two to help feed the beast inside you. I’d expect next year’s pre-party to be quite popular as this year was a great success.

If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s and miss some of that nostalgia then this show is definietly for you! You’ll notice a theme as you walk around the show grounds including numerous vintage bmx bikes, loud outfits, boomboxes, the DJ spinning those glorious 80s one hit wonders, and even the awards given out had an 80’s flare to them.

2023 Reunion Truck Show, C10Talk, C10 Talk, vintage BMX bikes, old school BMX

This year’s event was sold out and you can see why the Reunion Truck Show has become so popular, so quickly. The event is free for all spectators and with the location being surrounded by local restaurants and retail shops all within walking distance, it makes this show a no-brainer for the foreseeable future.

You all know the saying by now. “The trucks are cool but the people are cooler”. Hence calling the show “The Reunion”, as it’s a big gathering of your friends who share similar interests and making lifelong new ones. The wheels are already in motion for 2024 and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

2023 Reunion Truck Show Photo Extra!

Photos by Terry Lysak

Born and raised in New York, it wasn't until Terry moved to Arizona that his love for photography and vehicles merged into a passion. Terry has always photographed vehicles since he was young but it wasn't until he started shooting autocross at Goodguys Rod & Custom Association events that led to more opportunities. Since then, he's covered various motorsport events and worked with corporations within the performance market. Terry has always had a love for trucks and has owned several, including lifted and lowered ones. Currently, he's working on finishing his 1972 F-100 Flareside.