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Fuel Curve Top 10 of 2021 – #1 OBS Parts Guide

Editors Note: As we near the end of 2021 we wanted to do a Top 10 countdown of the 10 most popular stories that published on FuelCurve.com this season – car features, tech articles, and news items that are worth viewing again, or for the first time if you hadn’t seen them before. The 2021 year was a nice rebound from 2020 and we’re excited and looking forward to getting back out there in 2022 to bring you a new batch of fresh content that you’ve become accustomed to seeing on Fuel Curve over the past few years, plus extending our reach to cover a wider variety of events and hot rod happening’s from around the country.

#1 OBS Parts Guide

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We’ve been seeing a lot of good-looking, very-well-built GM OBS trucks at local shows, on social media, and during All American Sundays at Goodguys events this year. These trucks are the generation after the wildly popular squarebody series, which ended its long run in 1987. With its debut as a 1988 model in early ’87, this next generation of trucks had an all-new look with rounded lines for a bit more efficiency, fuel injected engines with overdrive transmissions, and much roomier interiors. Also, note the absence of a side vent window!

OBS parts, OBS Truck parts

But what exactly does OBS stand for you ask? Strangely enough, it means Old Body Style (or to some, Original Body Style). This makes no sense to most people over 40, but it name has stuck. The OBS name starts from the internal GM code, GMT400, given to the all-new model truck which was replaced by the GMT800 in 1999. Thus the “Old Body Style” moniker for today.

It’s great to see so many manufacturers jumping into the OBS market with new products to help restore and modify these pickups. From interior restoration components to the all-important suspension upgrades to achieve the right stance, companies are on the ball for OBS owners. Our most-viewed story in 2021 is a gathering of cool OBS parts to check out, and we’re betting that in another six months there will be even more!

Full Story – OBS Parts

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