Ringbrothers Javelin, Fuel Curve


The Ringbrothers Javelin unveiling just blew the lid off the Las Vegas Convention Center with their latest Pro-Touring build – a 1,000 horsepower 1972 AMC Javelin AMX built in partnership with Prestone here at the 51st annual SEMA Show in Sin City. The anticipated unveil happened literally minutes ago here on the show floor.

Ringbrothers Javelin, Fuel CurveJim and Mike Ring along with their entire Ringbrothers team continue to evolve as builders showing the performance automotive world their diversity. They have mastered Chevy and Ford muscle but this juiced up Javelin is yet another example of their boundary-pushing designs. They have stepped outside the box before here at SEMA with a 1971 Pantera named “ADRNLN” then last year with Wes and Vivian Rydell’s “Madam V” 1949 Cadillac. But this ’72 Javelin is the farthest they have drifted into making moribund Detroit iron into a supercar. To make it even cooler, they borrowed the best from Dodge and Chevy. Keep reading.

Ringbrothers Javelin, Fuel Curve

With freshly rolled body panels (designed through Solidworks) and liberal doses of carbon fiber, the “Defiant” Javelin was smoothed and stroked before being bathed in BASF Glasurit “Jalop Gold.” As you can see in these John Jackson pictures the Javelin’s wheelbase was lengthened six and a half inches. The car’s distinctive wheel arches were moved forward then recreated in carbon fiber to pair with a new hood, front fenders, grille and front valance. Other custom items include fresh tail lights, bumpers, trim and engine bay accessories all machined in house at the Ringbrothers facility.

Now for the wow. Under the radical new hood growls a Wegner Motorsports 6.2-liter Hemi Mopar Hellcat engine with a Holley Dominator fuel management system. They ditched the stock huffer replacing it with a Whipple 4.5-liter Supercharger that produces a mind-boggling 1,036 horsepower at full boost screaming through Flowmaster mufflers. A Bowler automatic transmission backs the hemi Hellcat while a QA1 Carbon Fiber driveshaft transfers power to the business end. The Prestone antifreeze stays happy through the retrofitted Dodge Hellcat radiator and fan assembly.

Ringbrothers Javelin, Fuel CurveCamaro overtones help “Defiant’s” track prowess. That extended wheelbase is supported by Detroit Speed’s first-gen Camaro Hydroformed front subframe. AMC body, Dodge power and a Camaro frame. Maybe it should have been called “Franken-Javelin!” Detroit Speed also supplied the rack and pinion steering, as well as front sway bars. RideTech coilovers insure it will stay flat in the corners while the Ringbrothers custom made four-link rear suspension and GM 12-bolt rear end add further grip. As with all Ringbrothers builds, the one off HRE wheels are a signature highlight sized at 20×11 and 20×13 respectively. A Baer big brake kit brings things to a rapid halt on the street or the strip.

Ringbrothers Javelin, Fuel CurveWhoever gets to drive this beast will be happy in the cabin. Upholstery Unlimited covered the new performance seats while Vintage Air’s Gen IV Magnum Evap kit blows ice cold. Classic Instruments gauges keep tabs on the vitals while the Kicker audio system offers a concert-style experience.
Defiant is a special car in the Ringbrothers evolution. After Dick Teague originally designed the first Javelin in 1968, American Motors Corporation produced the cars in their Kenosha, Wisconsin facility – just 150 miles from the Ringbrothers Spring Green, Wisconsin home base. This burly new beast from the Badger State celebrates that lineage. Prestone should be proud!

Ringbrothers Javelin, Fuel Curve

Photography Courtesy of John Jackson (@notstockphoto)