Product Spotlight! A Look at Some Useful New Performance Parts!

Hot rod manufacturing companies are rolling along at a fever pitch. It seems every manufacturer we talk to says “Last month we set a sales record. In fact, every month we’re setting sales records!”

The proof is in the numbers. When you get a minute, scroll through the HRIA’s bi-annual report. There is some good data. The biggest seller? Fuel, intake and exhaust, followed by suspension components. This means there are a lot more powerful, better-handling machines out there these days!

Here are a few new products that caught our eye recently.

1978-88 GM G-Body Coil-Over Conversion Kit

Aldan American has introduced its new GM Road Comp Series G-Body Front Coil-Over Conversion Kits. The made-in-the-USA kits are designed to convert the suspension of 1978-88 GM G-body vehicles to fully ride-height adjustable coil-overs. They will also lower the vehicle’s stance anywhere from stock height to 2-inches. The kit includes single-adjustable coil-over shocks that are designed to improve handling and ride quality over stock suspension. The kits are bolt-on and use the OEM mounting locations. They will work with factory and aftermarket control arms, and include all necessary hardware. Aldan American offers big-block and small-block springs, as well as springs for Street, AutoCross and Drag Race applications.

Aldan American / (310) 834-7478/

Updated 1967-68 Camaro and Firebird Air Conditioning System

An updated version of Vintage Air’s Gen IV SureFit Air Conditioning System for the 1967-68 Camaro and Firebird is now available. The system now incorporates several new appearance and performance-enhancing features, such as new refrigerant and heater hose that’s been routed through the fenderwell for a cleaner-looking engine bay. Other enhancements include an evaporator that’s been mounted higher behind the dash, condenser mounts with an integral drier bracket, and an improved controls conversion. The new controls conversion replaces the OEM three-speed blower switch with a variable potentiometer and delivers infinite blower fan speed adjustment. Vintage Air offers the updated system as a Complete Kit for both factory air cars and non-air cars. The company also offers it as an Evaporator Kit for installations that don’t require the under-hood components. The Evaporator Kit includes all interior components and is available for factory air cars and non-air cars. The systems are made in the USA.

Vintage Air / (800) 862-6658/

Billet Adjustable Double Shear Shock Mount Kit

The new Billet Adjustable Double Shear Shock Mount Kit from Quarter-Max makes it easy to mount coil-over shocks in any type of car – including street/strip vehicles. The kit allows for a wide range of adjustability and post-build adjustment, making it a good choice for customers who aren’t sure what final ride height or stance they want. This is particularly useful for drag racers who are looking to potentially switch back and forth from large slicks to smaller drag radial tires. The universal kit comes with housing brackets made from ¼-inch mild steel that will fit 3-inch O.D. axle tubes. The billet shock mount utilizes 3/8-inch NAS bolts to mount to the bracket. A 3/8-inch NAS bolt is also used to mount the coil-over shock to the billet shock mount. In addition, the kit’s double-shear shock mount is available in ¾-inch-wide to fit steel rod ends. They contain two holes to allow the shock to be moved forward or backward. This allows the user to fine-tune adjustments of the leverage ratio of the shock to the housing. Between the billet shock mount and the brackets, there is 4½-inches of height adjustment in ½-inch increments.

Quarter-Max / (309) 343-7575/

Xcelerator Performance Device

The Xcelerator from Jet Performance Products is designed to modify the signal to an electronic throttle. The easy-to-install performance device is equipped with five Throttle Performance Modes that the driver can choose from, ranging from stock performance to wide open. It will provide a quicker throttle response, while also removing “throttle lag.” The Xcelerator has a Valet Mode that can be chosen when the driver wants to reduce the throttle performance for the parking attendant. The unit’s Security Mode will stop the throttle from functioning altogether. The Xcelerator comes with OEM-designed connectors, a digital remote control, and 5 feet of cable that’s connected to the remote to allow it to be easily mounted wherever the driver desires.

Jet Performance Products / (800) 535-1161/

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