Lead Sled Customs, Goodguys

Lead Sled Photo Gallery – Low, Slow and Way Cool

Custom cars, aka Lead Sleds, will never go out of style. The legacies of Sam & George Barris, Larry Watson, Bill Hines, Dean Jeffries, Larry Alexander, Joe Bailon, Bill Cushenbery and so many other lead sled legends is carried forward by custom guys and gals around the globe.

Lead Sled Customs, Goodguys

Every year out on the Goodguys event tour, we see pristine customs built in a variety of styles at every event no matter what part of the country we’re in. We see both radical and traditional customs at the Goodguys All American Get-Together every year as that’s the host site for the Goodguys Custom of the Year award. We see Lowriders and traditional customs in Del Mar while back at the Midwestern events like the Heartland Nationals in Des Moines and the PPG Nationals in Columbus we see every day customs (some mild, some traditional) being driven hundreds of miles to the events.

With the 1990s, came the emergence of Custom Rods. Goodguys defines a Custom Rod as “A custom car that tastefully blends customizing techniques or factory stock bodies with modern day performance, engineering, components and styling.” This changed the game implementing modern powertrains and suspensions as well as better interiors and electronics so guys could enjoy a classic looking custom car with more modern amenities.

Lead Sled Customs, Goodguys

But what we like most about this gallery (all of these images were taken in 2018) and customs in general is you can really enter the custom car scene at any level. If your budget is $15k, get a patina paneled ’54 Chevy or maybe a ’57 Chrysler, dump it on air and get it on some cool wheels and you’re in the door. If you’re a high net worth guy, the sky is the limit on what you can create.

One can never have (or see) too many customs cars. We are stoked the custom tradition lives on.

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