Insane Engine Swaps, Fuel Curve

Insane Engine Swaps – The Best Video you will see today

Insane engine swaps have always offered a refreshing take on hot rods no matter what shape they take – cars, trucks, boats, bikes, planes – whatever it may be there is something about engineering a new drivetrain that lights the wick of performance purists. With the power of the digital landscape we have it easy surfing Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for whatever our guilty pleasure might be.

I found this video one night browsing YouTube. Can’t really remember what I was searching for but this popped up and when I hit the play button I was riveted. I couldn’t stop watching. It was the best video I had seen in a while due to the sheer insanity and variety of machines featured.

The dude in the aluminum Jet Boat Kitset skiff (3:32 mark) gets my vote for the win (sounds like a hopped up Jetski engine) but the insanity prevails throughout the entire ten minutes.

Opening with a turbocharged 4-cylinder Kawasaki 600 swap (complete with blow off valve) the dude’s orange shifter kart is sheer madness. A V8 swapped snowmobile? Yep. Eat your heart out Larry Entincer.

The older gent with the homemade motorcycle and homemade V8 engine gets the “Best Engineered” award.

As baby boom era hot rodders get a little longer in the tooth, many have turned to mobility scooters to get around shows. The guy at the 5:36 mark has the ultimate hot rod solution to the mobility scooter!

Topping off the insane engine swaps is the Lambo V-12 powered homemade drag cycle near the end of the clip. While not the prettiest form of mechanical art we have seen, the engineering required was herculean (check out how far back the handlebars are located).

If nothing else, you smiled during most or some of this. And really, the purpose of posting this was just that. ? – have an insane day!