fuel curve's top 10 stories of 2017

Fuel Curve’s Top 10 Stories of the Year #8

Editor’s Note: In this countdown series we are reviewing our favorite ten stories of 2017, stories you may have missed or enjoyed so much you wouldn’t mind seeing them again. We have been here just seven and a half months but it seems like much longer. Scouring the globe to find the coolest cats, cars, and trucks, we have successfully established this platform to showcase the people and the power. So CJ and I thought it would be good to review ten of our favorites. CJ and I both weigh in on why we liked them so much. Enjoy!

Full Story @ Canepa – Bred for Speed in Scott’s Valley

Bruce Canepa, Canepa Cars, Fuel Curve

Not quite sure where to start here. The amount of cool, rare and extremely expensive rides you see at Canepa is out of this world. What’s better is that this story really set the tone for our Shops/Stops section here on the “Curve” – A term our sales guy Clint coined. We captured not only the amazing cars but also Bruce and his crew, the atmosphere and excitement from the crew and clients when they step foot in Bruce’s amazing facility. It’s got to be one of the world’s best places to visit if you’re a car nut.

John: You’re on different footing when you walk through the doors of Canepa. Downstairs is a cavernous collection of race cars, street cars, one-off’s and the full race shop. These guys restore period-correct racing machines to the exact specs they competed in. Like Mark Donahue’s 1,500 horsepower Can Am Porsche 917/30 – the most powerful road racing machine ever built. Upstairs is Bruce’s museum. From Don Prudhomme’s original Shelby Super Snake to Leon Duray’s 1926 Miller 91 – this is where you see the authentic ghosts of motor racing’s past. The entire Canepa experience was quite simply jaw-dropping. Canepa’s is MECCA for motorsport. Get there!

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