Friday Funny Video! MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” [VIDEO]


A Friday Funny video is good for the soul.  Having said that, we NEVER, EVER, EVER condone street racing here at Fuel Curve. However – it happens daily in every state in the good ol’ USA. Thankfully, most times the throttle stompers wait until there is some lane clearing before they mash the loud pedal.

MC Hammer Friday Funny VideoFor years now, MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” (one of the anthems of the 1980s), has been used as a hilarious drop-in during “kill story” video clips of street race ownage on YouTube. Is there anything better than watching someone’s heart break (especially motorcyclists) when they have zero idea they’re messin’ with Sasquatch or in this case – GodZZilla? Guys like a box-tuned Nissan Z car, Lambo’s and our personal favorite fail army soldiers – Mustang GT kids.

As if the visual stimulation of seeing someone get absolutely owned in a road race isn’t funny enough, dropping in MC Hammer’s signature beat takes us back to high school when two dollar joints at the Chucky Cheese parking lot gave us the munchies and uncontrollable laughter. Ah the good old days.

Our friends at Motor Madness have even dropped in a few death defying rally and racing “Can’t Touch This” clips to make this one worth all of our time. The V10 M Series BMW pulling the tractor at the 1:29 mark is hands down the funniest thing we have seen in a while.

It’s Friday folks. Take a few minutes to enjoy a this Friday funny video from your friend’s at Fuel Curve! YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS!