Friday Fails – Supercar Smashups For Your Amusement

In this Friday Fails segment we take a look at the unfortunate fate of some Super Cars. Deep inside of our gear-centric front lobes, we all have dream cars. Maybe you dream of a Lamborghini, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Porsche, Corvette or a Bugatti Veyron. Whatever it is, we burn hours dreaming and scheming. Supercars bring out the inner “if only” in all of us gearheads. If we are lucky enough to own or at least drive one, the temptation to put your foot into it never leaves. As soon as the road opens up it’s on.

And that’s not necessarily a good thing as you will see here. Turn off traction control at your own risk. Some of us run out of talent the second the tachometer creeps above five-thousand rpm. Once the business end swings, it’s basically over. These epic Friday Fails show you just how fast a supercar can jump up and bite.

The lady in the convertible Bentley at the :17 mark gives us that not-so-glorious sound of crunching metal. Not only costly, but extremely scary and embarrassing considering just how many people are in the immediate area. The cop was clearly caught off guard!

It never ceases to amaze us at just how careless some supercar drivers can be. Money does not make you a good driver as you will see at the :44 second mark as the bonehead in the yellow Koenigsegg loses it not once, but twice before ultimately barreling into the fence. Thankfully the course worker was a tap dancer in a former life.

Watching this, our heart broke at the 1:19 mark when the “Supercar Driving Experience” guy loses the Ferrari 358 Italia. “Guess you’re not driving the Ferrari,” his buddy quips. Um no. Not today. We cringe at the thought of the deductible!

But the unquestioned ULTIMATE FAIL of a lifetime is the Dubai guy in the Aventador at the 1:33 mark. There is no better sounding throttle-blip car than a 6.5 liter, 650hp V-12 so we get the fact that he wants the world to hear it. The guy in front of him seems to egg him on to the point of lighting up the rear composite material. Not good! He seems oblivious to the blokes behind him screaming that he’s on fire.

So much so, that he continues to rap it out until the fire reaches the point of no return. A tragedy for most of us, but maybe just another day in the life of a wealthy Dubai citizen? Of course, that’s speculation but it’s also possible he gave zero eff’s.

Of course there is a large section devoted to Mustang fails . What is it with these guys?

If you score the supercar of your dreams, do it right! Leave traction control on and ya might think about a rev limiter. Just make sure you don’t end up on the Friday fails LOL!