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Essentials for Enjoying Show Season

Show season is just around the corner! In fact, we’ll already have a few Goodguys National events wrapped up as you’re reading this. But with the warmer months kicking in soon, we felt it would be a nice service to provide some essentials to help you have a successful, safe, and fun car cruising season.

Getting safely to any car show is half the battle but there’s also a lot to think about in prepping for a weekend at the fairgrounds or race track – not only for your hot rod, but for you and your family and friends, too. We pooled together an assortment of coolers and comfort items, cleaners and more to make sure you’re prepared for a successful and fun weekend at the shows.

Car Show essentials, Speedway Motors, car show Essentials

Speedway Motors

Car Show essentials, Speedway Motors, car show EssentialsA Wagon to Go

Ever get to the back aisles of the swap meet only to find a great deal on an intake or special wheel you’ve been looking for? You never really understand how heavy these parts are until you carry them across a couple parking lots. Thanks to Speedway Motors and their heavy-duty fold-up wagon, you can be prepared!

Speedway’s lightweight wagon is easy to pack and weighs less than a quarter of its 125-pound carrying capacity. With a durable frame and heavy-duty rolling stock, the wagon will traverse back fields easily and there’s even a pair of cup holders to secure your coffee or afternoon refreshments while scouring the swap meet or day at a Goodguys event.

AO Coolers, car show EssentialsAO Coolers

Hybrid Cooler

Staying hydrated is important at any show or race and AO Coolers knows a thing or two about keeping your liquids cool. The company offers a number of innovative coolers designed for everything from fishing and camping to car shows.

Their rigid, soft sided cooler, available to hold a 24-pack or up to 64-pack sizes, features a heavy duty molded EVA tub bottom. This is surrounded by 1.5-inches of rigid insulation that delivers the benefits of a hard-sided cooler. Its hybrid construction creates an effective and durable, yet lightweight cooler that can hold ice for up to 24 hours in 120-degree temps.

Summit RacingSummit Racing, car show Essentials

Table Tops

Eating lunch at a car show generally means standing up or dumping a plate of food in your lap while leaning down into your lawn chair. Summit Racing offers several different styles of fold-up canvas tables that come in handy for sharing with friends or snacking. The tables unfold to stand at 2-feet tall with a 28-inch diameter top that includes four mesh drink holders. The sturdy aluminum frame is cross-braced for strength and a handy storage bag is also supplied. Summit offers the tables with a blank top or with your favorite car logo.

Griots Garage, car show EssentialsGriot’s Garage

Showroom Spotless

Driving to an event typically leads to needing a car wash before parking at the show, which is easier said than done in most cases. Finding a self-serve car wash is getting tougher these days and a hose and bucket aren’t always handy. Griot’s Garage is here to help you clean up with their water-free Spray-On Car Wash.

Spray-On Car Wash clings to the side panels of your hot rod and breaks up the road grime quickly. It also has great lubricity to easily wipe off, revealing a streak-free clean surface. When you use a Griot’s super soft PFM Terry Weave or Microfiber Plush Edgeless towels, any harmful grit will be pulled away from the paint, producing a safe and effective shine for the show.

Show SignsCar Show Signs, car show Essentials

Signs to Share

Half the reason for going to a car show is to talk about cars with people and share the details about your build. An easy and effective way to share your info, or to tell your car’s story, is with a sign board.

If you want to provide more details about your pride and joy (which is also handy for those of us covering the show), consider reaching out to Don’s Custom Showboards. Don’s will produce a specially designed sign with your details so spectators or even judges can learn a little more about your hot rod. They offer gift certificates for signs and have heavy duty stands to secure the boards at shows.

Meguiar’s, car show EssentialsMeguiar’s

Spotless Wheels and Tires

A set of sparkling wheels wrapped in clean rubber makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of your car or truck at a show. Meguiar’s takes one step out of the detailing process with their Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tire.

Not only will this spray-on treatment shine up your wheels, but it also has formulated gloss enhancers for the tires to leave them with a semi-gloss appearance. Simply apply the Meguiar’s to your wheels and tires then follow up with a Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel to wipe wheels clean. In a few minutes your tires will transform to have a dark, rich shine!

Cal Car CoverCal Car Cover, car show Essentials

Dust Be Gone

No matter where you have your car on display – an open field, parking lot or even inside – there will always be dust accumulation. The quickest and most effective way to wipe off a layer of dust is with the Original California Car Duster.

California Car Cover developed the popular wood-handled Car Duster with the proven technology of baking a special wax into the 100-percent cotton strands. This assures that dust is lifted and removed from your paint surface, not just pushed around. Most users of the Duster report that they last up to the 15-year range, so the value is quite substantial over the years! Each Duster is supplied with a carrying case/cover.

Mother’s, car show EssentialsMother’s

Balls of Power

When it comes to detailing and polishing deep-dish wheels or other difficult-to-reach areas on your hot rod, the PowerBall from Mother’s Polish is one the most useful and effective tools you can use. With their updated PowerBall 2, Mothers has refined the shape and elongated the ball to improve the usable polishing area. The result is ideal for polishing the contours of deep wheels in a matter of minutes. Combine the PowerBall 2 with Mother’s 10-inch Quick Swap Bit extension and you’ll be able to access areas previously unreachable They also offer a new PowerCone 360 to help reach the backside of areas with less grabbing over sharp edges or wheel spokes.

Mac’s Tie DownsMac’s Tie Downs, car show Essentials

Tie it Tight

If you plan on towing your hot rod, you should already understand about the importance of a quality set of tie-down straps. If you prefer to avoid clamping to the frame or axles, Mac’s Custom Tie Downs offers a durable Tire Block Strap Pack which provides a sleek, minimal-contact tie-down solution for securing your vehicle.

Each 10-foot-long, 2-inch-wide strap includes three molded rubber tire blocks with tread-lock teeth that bite into the tire’s rain groove as the strap is tightened. Your choice of attachment styles includes a Twisted Snap Hook, VersaTie Track, or E/A Track, ensuring an option is available to match your vehicle and trailer anchor points. Each Tire Block Strap Pack is made to order in Mac’s Sandpoint, Idaho, facility. Need a custom color? Mac’s offers black, blue, red, yellow, pink or lime green.

Race Ramps, car show EssentialsRace Ramps

Show it All

If you’ve taken the time to detail the undercarriage of your classic, why not show it off! Race Ramps has a variety of products to help you highlight your show car, from classic drive-up show ramps, to versatile Wheel Cribs. The ramps are lightweight and easy to store as well as robust with the ability to support up to 6,000 pounds. Plus, when it’s not show season, you can use the ramps in your garage!

Once your car is in the air, Race Ramps can help even more with two models of their Show Mirrors to help highlight your car’s chassis. There’s a standard 4×2-foot Show Mirror, or an LED-lighted option.

Sick N Twisted DesignsSick N Twisted Designs, car show Essentials

Custom Cars

Any cool hot rod family needs a cool hot rod wagon, cart, or stroller to cruise the show grounds and Sick N Twisted Designs delivers! If you’re looking for a hand-fabricated stroller or wagon to push your kiddos around, or even a go-kart to match your classic car, the craftsmen out of their Fountain Valley California, shop are up to the task.

With over 50 different fiberglass bodies to choose, you can have a custom pusher built to your specs. If you’re looking for something for yourself to aid in getting around the shows, they now offer hot rodded mobility carts. Give them a call or check them out at an upcoming Goodguys show to see what they can build for you.

E-Z UP, car show EssentialsE-Z UP

Personal Shade

Planning to spend the entire day at a show or race? You’ll definitely need a break from the sun and with the help of E-Z Up, you can bring along your own shade. The E-Z Up Vista shelter is lightweight, easily portable, and ideal for keeping you shaded in style at car events!

The Vista shelter is available in 10×10- or 12×12-foot sizes and multiple color options. At under 40-pounds, the shelter features a clear-span center for increased headroom, three height adjustment settings, and a three-year warranty. E-Z Up even supplies a roller bag and hold-down spikes (optional weight bags are highly recommended).

Goodguys, car show EssentialsGoodguysGoodguys, car show Essentials

Cool Cups

After packing your water and beverages in ice, let Goodguys help keep them cool while you’re enjoying them with a couple coozies or our stainless steel tumbler. The coozies, available for standard-issue cans or tall boys, will keep the chill in the can and your hands dry while you stay hydrated. The 30-ounce double-wall tumbler will keep your coffee warm through the morning and your cold drinks cool throughout the day. Pick one up at your next event – and be sure to ask for your member discount at the booth!

Todd Ryden is first and foremost a car guy and admits to how lucky he is to have been able to build a career out of a hobby that he enjoys so much. He’s owned muscle cars and classics, raced a bit and has cruised across the country. With over 25 years in the industry from the manufacturing and marketing side to writing books and articles, he just gets it.