The name Penske has become synonymous with cars and racing, thanks to Roger Penske. The owner of the Team Penske pro motorsports organization, the Penske Corporation, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (to name just a few of Penske’s very famous automotive businesses), Penske has also

Brad Fanshaw has basically done it all over the course of his career in the automotive aftermarket. From running numerous successful companies, to fabricating award-winning cars, to starring on the reality show “Car Warriors,” Fanshaw has been a staple in the hot rod and custom

Jeff Dunham has spent a lot of time on the road, but thanks to his impressive collection of cars, he’s always riding in style. The record-breaking stand-up comedian, actor and ventriloquist isn’t your run-of-the-mill car collector; you won’t find any trailer queens or numbers-matching show

Dave Kindig is known for designing and building bitchin' rides both in his shop, Kindig-it Design, and on his MotorTrend reality TV show, appropriately named "Bitchin' Rides". With his wife, Charity, and team by his side, Kindig has built himself a great life – one