Jeff Dunham has spent a lot of time on the road, but thanks to his impressive collection of cars, he’s always riding in style. The record-breaking stand-up comedian, actor and ventriloquist isn’t your run-of-the-mill car collector; you won’t find any trailer queens or numbers-matching show

Dave Kindig is known for designing and building bitchin' rides both in his shop, Kindig-it Design, and on his MotorTrend reality TV show, appropriately named "Bitchin' Rides". With his wife, Charity, and team by his side, Kindig has built himself a great life – one

Editor’s note: The Goodguys and Fuel Curve teams were extremely saddened to hear that Jessi Combs died on August 27 while driving a jet-powered land speed car in the Alvord Desert in Oregon. Jessi was planning to break a 398mph record in a four-wheeled vehicle

The Meguiar family has been in the car business even before there really was a car business. The company – started by Frank Meguiar Jr. back in 1901 by selling furniture polish that was eventually used on horseless carriages and then automobiles – is now

Bogi Lateiner was never supposed to end up building cars. Growing up in a “non-car-loving” family, Lateiner had her sights set on going to law school. Other than her random obsession with VW Beetles growing up, Lateiner didn’t expect to have anything to do with

Wayne Carini is not your typical reality TV star. The New England native has been on reality TV almost as long as the Kardashians, but his continued bucking of the fabricated drama frequently seen on reality shows has made Carini and his show “Chasing Classic