C10 SLO Down Hits a Hole in One at Avila Beach Golf Resort

Every successful event has a unique characteristic that makes it memorable. Whatever “it” is is what people talk about and “it” helps the event grow organically by word-of-mouth. It’s what creates the FOMO (fear of missing out) and makes people add the event to their calendar months, sometimes years, in advance. This “it” is what every event promoter searches for.

It sure seems like the C10 SLO Down found their “it” with the Avila Beach Golf Resort event location. Located quite literally on the beach of the Pacific Ocean in the small town of Avila Beach, CA (which is in San Luis Obispo County – better known as “SLO” to the locals), this venue did more than just provide a location for a thousand trucks and a few thousand people to hang out for the day.

It offered an extended summertime vacation opportunity for families whose kids are out of school this time of year. A romantic weekend away with the spouse to dine on a beachside patio and watch the sun set on the horizon. A scenic coastal road trip bypassing the busy semi-truck-filled highways. And an escape from the 90-100+ degree temperatures that many Californians are used to in early August that don’t live in these coastal towns. To sum it up, it’s a fun and exciting destination that just happens to have a bitchin’ truck show.

With the number of truck-specific events happening these days, specifically GM / C10 truck events, the C10 SLO Down found a way to stand out and be remembered. Not only by those in attendance but also by those who were seeing posts on social media throughout the weekend. The common topic being discussed during the event was hoping that the C10 SLO Down has finally found a “home” in its third year of being held, and this being their third venue attempt in the SLO area.

Capped at 1,000 trucks, the C10 SLO Down used the Avila Beach golf resort clubhouse for a VIP lounge area and filled two of the golf courses fairways with GM trucks – mainly 1960-87 C10 body styles. The vendor midway area sat between the VIP area and the estuary where the San Luis Obispo Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the trucks were cool and the highlight of the show…but the scenic views and the evening activities were what really made the weekend memorable. By all accounts from the outside looking in, it was a hole in one event. Here’s to hoping we’ll be driving our C10s on the fairways again in 2024 and beyond!

Check out www.c10slodown.com for more information or follow their Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up with the latest news.

2023 C10 SLO Down Photo Extra!

Photos by Steven Bunker & Brett Macadam

Director of Media & Marketing

A lifelong car kid, Steven grew up around drag strips – his name may sound familiar because his grandfather is Bob Bunker, a Pro Mod pioneer who piloted the “Folsom Flash” ’55 Chevy from the ’70s through the ’90s. Steven’s father, Bob Bunker Jr., heads up Bunker Motorsports and is a regular in the West Coast racing scene, building chassis and race cars for more than 30 years. With genetics like that, it’s no wonder Steven has a passion for both cars and motorsports. In addition to helping his father and honing his fabrication skills at Bunker Motorsports, Steven began shooting photos at the drag strip and capturing the action with his Canon camera. He is now artfully crafting stories around the awesome machines at the shows, as well as the men and women behind them. When he's is not on the road covering events, he spends his downtime out on the water fishing, building his 1962 Chevy Nova, or cruising his 1987 GMC Suburban.