331 Hemi Rebuild Video, fuel curve

331 Hemi Rebuild Video

The video department at Hagerty has compiled a mesmerizing video of a 331c.i. Chrysler Hemi rebuild at a Thirlby Automotive shop in Michigan. When we first watched this time-lapse video we sat mesmerized by the scope of the project and the methodical machine work put down by Davin and Matt.

The filthy Hemi had what looks like 50 years of soot and crust built up on it. The disassembly is equally as exciting as the cleaning, blasting, painting and freshening the classic Chrysler gets as it goes back together.

What really peaked our interest is the crazy-cool handmade tubular intake topped with triple carbs. These guys also know how to weld up a set of custom headers as well! Making it all that much more visually appealing is the quality work put in by the Hagerty video production department. It’s as clean as anything we’ve ever come across on Youtube. In the follow-up video below, you can watch it come to life as they filmed its first fire up.

Opened in Traverse City, Michigan in 1963, by founder Edwin G. Thirlby and his wife Beverly, Thrilby Automotive has grown to encompass 13 retail location in and around Northern Michigan offering machine shop services, retail auto parts, paint and body and more.