2023 C10 Intervention – Trucks Takeover Woodland

The C10 Intervention continues to grow as one of the premier GM-only truck events in the country. The 2023 event marked the sixth time West Coast GM truck fans have had their intervention, and it solidified the event has found a home in Woodland, CA.

Held annually on Labor Day weekend, the C10 Intervention is a Sunday show but the Saturday night cruise is what really sets it apart from other truck shows. People roll in from all over the Western states starting on Thursday to take part in the hotel parking lot parties. And come Friday, if you’re not there already you’re missing out.

With the amount of people arriving to town early, local hot rod shop Provost Customs decided to host an open house for the first time this year on Saturday afternoon ahead of the evening cruise. It was a well-attended event and a great option for those looking to kill some time between lunch and the cruise. Provost went all-out with a live DJ, brought in some food trucks, showed off their new shop location, as well as some impressive truck builds.

For many, a highlight of the weekend is the Saturday evening cruise. The C10 Intervention is held on a 1-mile stretch on Main Street in downtown Woodland. That same downtown stretch is where the Saturday cruise is held. The local businesses are open providing options to park & grab dinner, Woodland police department keeps things in check as they ride their police motorcycles along with the cruise, and great times are had by all enjoying the warm summertime evening listening to tunes while cruising.

Come Sunday morning hundreds of trucks line up before the sun comes up and begin filling the street. The event is capped at 1,200 trucks, and as far as the eye can see trucks line each side of the road with vendors scattered throughout. The local restaurants are again open for business, offering plenty of lunch options, or a place to gather for a couple rounds with friends.

The event concludes with an awards ceremony where a dozen or so billet awards are handed out, including a Best of Show (2023 winner pictured below – Rick Rosas’ 1958 GMC stepside), and the popular Top 50 award recipients gather for a photo which are handed out throughout the day to 50 lucky truck owners.

If you’re a GM truck fan, or live anywhere within a day’s drive of Northern California, you need to get the C10 Intervention on your schedule. It will always be on Labor Day Weekend, and you can count on it being in Woodland from here on out.

2023 C10 Intervention Photo Extra!

Photos by Steven Bunker

Director of Media & Marketing

A lifelong car kid, Steven grew up around drag strips – his name may sound familiar because his grandfather is Bob Bunker, a Pro Mod pioneer who piloted the “Folsom Flash” ’55 Chevy from the ’70s through the ’90s. Steven’s father, Bob Bunker Jr., heads up Bunker Motorsports and is a regular in the West Coast racing scene, building chassis and race cars for more than 30 years. With genetics like that, it’s no wonder Steven has a passion for both cars and motorsports. In addition to helping his father and honing his fabrication skills at Bunker Motorsports, Steven began shooting photos at the drag strip and capturing the action with his Canon camera. He is now artfully crafting stories around the awesome machines at the shows, as well as the men and women behind them. When he's is not on the road covering events, he spends his downtime out on the water fishing, building his 1962 Chevy Nova, or cruising his 1987 GMC Suburban.