Wilwood Brake Pedal Assembly

Single Brake Pedal Assemblies for Tandem Master Cylinders from Wilwood

Wilwood’s new brake pedal assemblies and bases are engineered to accommodate their popular Tandem Master Cylinder lineup for both floor and swing mount applications. These forward-mounting bases are easy to install and include necessary hardware for most master cylinder or clutch actuation systems.

Incorporated into each new model are Wilwood’s unique adjustable designs. The foot pedal pad can change the horizontal position up to 1-inch for driver preference, and a movable pad head has three positions to change the pedal ratio. Three pedal ratios allow the fine-tuning of feel and performance. The floor mount model offers 5.25:1, 5.62:1, and 6.00:1 ratios and the longer arm swing mount offers ratios of 6.25:1, 6.62:1, and 7.00:1.

Wilwood Brake Pedal Assembly

Wilwood manufactures each pedal arm using high-strength, lightweight forged aluminum. The new brake pedal bases are available separately along with a wide variety of accessories such as pedal covers, a trim plate, adjustable pedal heads or even the Tandem Master Cylinder.

For more information about these trick, new Brake Pedal assemblies for Tandem Master Cylinders, go to Wilwood.