Wilwood Adjustable Ratio Pedal Assemblies

Wilwood Disc Brakes Releases Adjustable Ratio Pedal Assemblies

Wilwood’s new forged aluminum pedals now offer multiple leverage ratios in a single unit via a height-adjustable pedal pad. This design allows fine-tuning of pedal ratio, effort, feel, and ergonomics to match the driver’s preference. Pedals are offered in single or combinations, forward or reverse swing, and hanging or floor mounts.

The pedal head can be mounted in three vertical positions to adjust pedal leverage ratio (specifics vary by part number). The foot pads also adjust to three positions horizontally (up to 1”) to fine-tune spacingbetween pedals. Brake pedals are available in tandem master cylinder style, or with a balance bar front-to-rear bias adjuster using separate master cylinders. New style adjustable pedal arm kits are available to upgrade most existing models of Wilwood pedal assemblies.

Visit www.wilwood.com for more information.