Speedway Motors Homebuilt Heaven, Goodguys Homebuilt Heaven, Traditional homebuilt heaven

Vote Now on the Speedway Motors Homebuilt Heaven Contest!

Speedway Motors, homebuilt heavenOne of the most popular Saturday Specialty Parking Areas at Goodguys events is Speedway Motors Homebuilt Heaven, where we put the spotlight on cars and trucks that are crafted primarily at home by their owners. Two awards are selected from that area at each event – Homebuilt Heaven and Traditional Homebuilt Heaven.

At the end of the year, we give Goodguys members and the public an opportunity to become the judges by opening voting for the year-end Homebuilt Heaven and Traditional Homebuilt Heaven National Champions. Head on over to good-guys.com/homebuilt22 to cast your vote on the two vehicles you think should win. (Click on the thumbs up icon at the top left of the image of the vehicle you want to vote for)

The vehicles with the most votes will be crowned the Speedway Motors Homebuilt Heaven and Traditional Homebuilt National Champions, and each will receive a prize package from Speedway Motors, bragging rights, plus special mention and photos in the 2023 Goodguys Yearbook.

Speedway Motors Homebuilt Heaven, Goodguys Homebuilt Heaven, Traditional homebuilt heaven


Notes on the Contest:

  • The voting system is set to only allow one vote per person for the duration of the contest based on IP restriction to prevent multiple votes from a single user.
  • An IP restriction system is not perfect, but it is the least cumbersome and best option we have found over the years of holding this online contest.
  • Old web browsers may have a problem. This issue isn’t limited to the voting system, old browsers have a problem with a lot of modern web tools. There’s nothing we can do about this except to advise to upgrade to a newer browser.
  • IP restriction WILL mess with people who are on shared IP’s. The best example is an office workplace or a home wi-fi network. All computers in an office or home are on the same IP when connected to wi-fi. Let’s say “Jeff” & “Becky” are connected to the same wi-fi in an office or home. If Jeff votes and then 20 minutes letter Becky votes, Becky will get an error saying they already voted. The best solution is for votes be placed on their phone when NOT connected to the wi-fi and both votes will successfully be submitted.
  • Good luck to those in the running!
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