Vintage Air Launches New Bolt-In Climate-Control System for 1964.5–66 Ford Mustangs

Vintage Air has announced the release of its all-new Gen 5 SureFit Kit for 1964.5–66 Ford Mustangs. Vintage Air Gen 5 Magnum, Vintage Air Super MagnumThese SureFit Kits showcase Vintage Air’s all-new Gen 5 Climate-Control System featuring industry-first OEM-quality injection-molded cases and employing an exclusive fully-electronic microprocessor control unit that eliminates cables or vacuum connections. As with all Vintage Air SureFit Kits, it’s designed to install with minimal modifications to the firewall and dash.

The original Ford Mustang was the genesis of the pony-car craze that continues to captivate millions of people across the globe. The introduction of a Vintage Air Gen 5 SureFit Kit for these American classics makes it easy to align the Mustang’s timeless style with modern comfort. The electronically-operated Gen 5 system replaces original components and delivers superior performance in a package that minimizes engine compartment intrusion.

All Vintage Air Gen 5 SureFit Kits offer several new OEM-quality features, including an injection-molded case assembly, new higher-torque actuator motors, block-type expansion valves and rubber over-molded blend air doors. This Gen 5 SureFit Kit is equipped with Vintage Air’s largest and most powerful blower motor, delivering 20% more cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) than standard blowers. The separate high-capacity parallel-flow heater coil and aluminum plate-and-fin cooling coil provide outstanding performance and infinite “just right temperature” air blends, with variable blower speed adjustments and high-volume dehumidified defrost.

These SureFit Kits can utilize the standard OEM in-dash three-lever control panel (part # 551964) or be optioned with our new bolt-in Billet Aluminum Control Panel (part # 551965) that mimics the factory appearance. Both kits include center louver options for vehicles with or without a factory center console and features several other upgradeable options, including a factory air-style Under Dash Center Louver (part # 620007 or 620008) to match Ford’s original Mustang add-on a/c unit.