Utili-Shield, Heatshield Products

Utili-Shield from Heatshield Products Protects Fluid and Wiring Couplings, Junctions and Connections

Utili-Shield is an ideal solution to keep vulnerable junctions and connections safe and are an excellent alternative to sleeve-style thermal barriers, which cannot cover T-shaped and 90-degree junctions/couplers in electrical and fluid systems. The alternative is the hassle of modifying a piece of thermal-barrier sleeve to fit.

Utili-Shield Sleeves are capable of exposure up to 1,200 degrees F of constant heat and 2,000 degrees F of intermittent heat, since they use the same specially formulated volcanic rock–based fibers as the Heatshield Products HD Lava Sleeve and Stealth Sleeve. They’re also resistant to acids, chemicals and solvents. A built-in hook-and-loop fastening system makes for a simple installation, usually without disassembly of the involved components.

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