2022 C10 Intervention, truck show

UPCarParts.com presents the 5th annual C10 Intervention where GM Trucks Brought the Heat to Woodland!

Shows catering to the classic truck market are booming in popularity lately and one of the fastest growing GM-specific truck events is the C10 Intervention. The C10 Intervention was started in Auburn, CA in 2018 but has since been hosted for the past two years in Woodland, CA after outgrowing the Auburn location.

2022 C10 Intervention, truck show, c10 club sacramento

The new location offers plenty of room to grow and even further expand. The town blocks off one mile from stoplight to stoplight in Historic Downtown Woodland on Labor Day weekend to host the event which offers two unique aspects – the Saturday night “Light UP the Night” cruise sponsored by United Pacific that is open to 600 trucks, and then the C10 Intervention truck show the following Sunday – which in 2022 was expanded to 1,000 registrations and historically has sold out in less than a week.

2022 C10 Intervention, truck show, c10 club sacramento, united pacific, up car parts

2022 C10 Intervention, truck show

Downtown Woodland is a fantastic setting for the C10 intervention with all the shops and restaurants open during the event, spectators get in for free which packs the street with both the hard-core and casual truck enthusiast’s, the group of the four preferred hotels are all next to each other which allows for mingling afterhours, and the Saturday night “Light UP the Night” cruise is a one-of-a-kind event which harkens back to the days of cruising our local Main street.

2022 C10 Intervention, truck show

2022 C10 Intervention, truck show, c10 club sacramento

Chevy and GMC trucks though 1998 from all over the country (as well as a group from Canada) make the trip to Northern California to be part of this growing event. The long Labor Day weekend allows for more convenient traveling options for the out-of-towners, and typically the weather is favorable. However, that wasn’t the case for this years’ event with high temps pushing the 110-degree range.

But to the C10 Intervention staff’s credit they jumped on a solution and set up cooling stations throughout the event, brought in local schools to sell bottles of water as a fundraising option, and hosted a VIP area sponsored by Visit Woodland with free food, drinks, AC, shade, live music and more. With all those added amenities, and ample shade from the trees lining the street, the heat wasn’t nearly as much of an issue as we expected it to be and those who bailed because of it really missed out on a great event.

Check out this massive gallery from the 5th Annual C10 Intervention showcasing the Saturday night cruise, hotel hang out, and the Sunday show. And be sure to check out your local truck event…there’s likely one not too far from you.

2022 C10 Intervention Photo Extra!

Photos by Steven Bunker

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