Tuff Stuff Alternators

Get Your Charge On: Max Amp High Output Alternators from Tuff Stuff

As more electronics make their way on to our modern day hot rods and muscle cars, the need for a high output alternator becomes more important. Cleveland, Ohio, based Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories is poised to help with their new of high output MAX AMP alternators.

The Max Amp series of alternators provide up to 165 amps at idle with 225 amps at full charge. Those idle amps are key as most hot rods and cruisers spend their time at lower rpm and idle speeds while electric fuel pumps, A/C blowers and cooling fans run.

Tuff Stuff AlternatorsThe stock form factor housings will replace nearly all original GM muscle car and truck alternators, specifically the 10DN, 10SI and CS130 alternators from 1963 to 1994. The Max Amp models are available in 1-Wire or OEM hookup with an internal voltage regulator for fast, simple installation. The OEM hookup alternators include wiring adapters for the 10SI and CS130 applications.

Tuff Stuff Alternators

Available in chrome plated, black powder coat or Factory Cast PLUS+ finishes. For safe operation, Tuff Stuff requires a #4- or #2-gauge charge wire, depending on wire length, to be installed with the new Max Amp alternator.

Tuff Stuff Alternators

Tuff Stuff alternators are quality built in USA from 100% new components, are tested to far exceed OEM specifications and carry a one-year limited warranty. Tuff Stuff has been in business for over 40 years and produces premium quality chrome plated, black chrome plated, polished aluminum, powder coated and Factory Cast PLUS+ alternators, starters, water pumps, power steering pumps, master cylinders, power brake boosters, A/C compressors and related accessories.

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