New Vehicle-Specific Truck Insulation Kits from DEI

Get total coverage for late-1960s to late-’90s GM pickups

Design Engineering, Inc. is leading the way in vehicle-specific heat and sound control with new custom-cut Truck insulation and damping kits for late-1960s to late-’90s General Motors pickup models.

CNC-cut for a precise fit, the kits offer superior thermal insulating properties, thanks to a blend of high-tech composite materials. Install the damping kit first to reduce noise and vibration, then finish with the insulation kit for total in-cabin comfort.

“Using a combination of our proven Boom Mat Under Carpet Lite and 2mm damping material, we offer an effective and affordable solution to unwanted heat and noise in easy-to-install, pre-cut, vehicle-specific kits,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “Each kit includes the correct material to cover specific interior areas including floors, firewalls, headliners, trunks and more.”

Packaged using the right amount of material to control vibrations and eliminate undesirable sounds such as tire, road and engine noise, the kits also block heat from the engine bay and hot exhausts.

The economical insulation solutions are lightweight for performance applications, with vehicle-specific kits available for:

1967-’72 Chevrolet/GMC Regular-Cab Pickups (Interior Kit #50025, Damping Kit #50024)
1973-’87 Chevrolet/GMC Regular-Cab Pickups (Interior Kit #50026, Damping Kit #50027)
1988-’98 Chevrolet/GMC Extended-Cab Pickups (Interior Kit #50023, Damping Kit #50022)

Benefits include a comfortable interior at any temperature and enhanced stereo sound.

For more information about Vehicle-Specific GM Truck Insulation Kits and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit