Trick Tools Belt Grinder, Fuel Curve

Check out the Trick Tools Multitool Belt Grinder

This Multitool belt grinder, available from our friends at Trick Tools, is what you need and its more powerful than a Toyota Prius. Not really, but you get the idea. Officially named the Multitool 2 x 36 inch, One hp Belt Grinder, it’s way more than a traditional belt sander. The versatile tool has a belt speed of approximately 5,400 surface feet per minute which allows for material removal up to five times faster than a grit grinding wheel.

Trick Tools, a subsidiary of Van Sant Enterprises, Inc. based in Pella Iowa, is a bitchin’ company offering fabricators and builders an unequaled product line of hi-end shop equipment from the best suppliers you’ll ever find. I mean, what other company in our performance industry offers a “No Junk Guarantee?”

Back to the product at hand. The Multitool 2×36 belt grinding attachment is now available as a plug and play unit mated to a 1 hp grinder to get you up and grinding (and throwing sparks and stuff) fast!

Trick Tools Multitool Belt Grinder, Fuel Curve

In addition to the grinding stone on the left, the Multitool item has four different grinding surfaces to cover almost any need. The front contact wheel has a serrated surface to make grinding and deburring very controllable and smooth. Perfect for the hi-end build shop or the weekend garage warrior.

The top plate can be used for straightening or profiling longer edges and the underside of the Multitool has a slack belt area for blending and finishing. Finally, the seven inch disc on the side can be used with or without the optional miter table for beveling and profiling or final finishing.
Trick Tools Multitool Belt Grinder, Fuel Curve
It’s belts change faster than a NASCAR pit stop. From grinding, to sanding, deburring, or polishing, a variety of belts and discs are available for any type of project you have happening.

Plus! It comes with a kick ass warranty: three years on attachment, and two years on the motor.

Get yours today!