Tractor Pull Explosions, Fuel Curve

Tractor Pull Explosions! Ten Minutes of Catastrophic Carnage

Nothing brings out our inner twelve year old quite like tractor pull explosions. Quite frankly, we could sit and watch stuff like this for hours. Since its Friday and you’re surfing the web at your cubical anyway, why not give 10 minutes of your day (we mean company time) to this epic mash-up of catastrophic carnage?

When engines are strained beyond their limit, all kinds of crazy things happen. Cylinder walls collapse, crankshafts break in half, blowers sneeze from their perch and connecting rods happily exit the block. We see it in drag racing, boat racing, sprint car racing and definitely in tractor pulling where engines are stressed to the max for a good 30-seconds while pulling massive thirty two-ton sleds.

Often, things go wrong. In some cases, as you’ll see here…way wrong! Like drive-over-the-engine-block wrong. This kind of carnage is fascinating to gear heads for its sheer destructive nature. It kind of brings out the Roman gladiator in all of us. Seeing engines fail is just something we dig in a twisted way.

Hope you have as much fun watching this as we did! Watch more clips HERE.