TorqStorm Twin Kit, LS Swap, Fuel Curve

TorqStorm, New LS twin & Single Supercharger Kits

TorqStorm is introducing two new centrifugal supercharger kits for LS swaps. The twin kit supports 1,000-plus horsepower while the single sustains 700-plus. Both can be adapted for use with electronic fuel injection or carburetion.

Though the new designs are aimed at LS-powered hot rods, the game-changer for TorqStorm has been new complete kit offerings. Whether supplied as twin or single, the new kits include a Sanden air conditioning compressor, Turn One power steering pump, and Powermaster alternator—the first such integrated kits furnished in TorqStorm’s history.

TorqStorm Twin Kit, LS Swap, Fuel CurveIn addition, TorqStorm provides two serpentine belts, an eight-rib to drive the supercharger and a six-rib to impel the accessories; all necessary pulleys, including a tool steel hub for the crank pulley; two self-adjusting tensioners, a blow-off valve; an air filter plus all the necessary mounting brackets and fasteners. To complete the twin kit, a second supercharger, blow-off valve and air filter is added.

Available in natural alloy or black anodized or with a micro-polished finish, both supercharger kits are ready to order right now! Base prices, which include all of the accessories mentioned above are priced at $6,950 and $4,950 for twin and single.

Further information that may be useful:

This revised program evolved following months of LS inquiries concerning proper placement of the pulley-driven components, especially the air compressor. Upper right positioning was final judgment. Company co-founder Chris Brooker says, “They’re a proper fit for the Gen I Camaro, the Chevy II / Nova, and the Chevelle; in fact, I don’t know what they won’t work on.”

In addition to the LS twin kit, TorqStorm’s priority this year and beyond will be the introduction of more twin supercharger designs. These will include the small-block Chevy, Oldsmobile, big-block Chevrolet, small-block Mopar, as well as big and small-block Fords.

TorqStorm Twin Kit, LS Swap, Fuel CurveFor the forced induction crowd this is great news. TorqStorm’s products distinguish themselves by their abundant use of 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Doubtless in an effort to avoid deflection, the material is featured in the construction of the gearbox casing and cover as well as in its 3/4″ thick mounting brackets. Perhaps most notable of all its properties is a billet compressor wheel aimed to generate boost as early as possible, usually around 1,800rpm and continues building boost through the powerband to 7,500rpm.