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TMI Products Releases All New Molded Door Panels For 1995-98 Chevy 1500

The all-new molded door panels for 1995-1998 Chevrolet OBS trucks finish off the interior packages for OBS trucks from TMI. Multitude of insert options to match the rest of the TMI interior or factory upholstery.

TMI Automotive Products, Inc. is proud to introduce their newest offering, 1995-1998 Chevrolet 1500 OBS truck molded door panels. These panels are 100% new and fully molded to allow for a bolt-in installation. Featuring a built-in armrest, they are a huge upgrade from the factory panels in form and function.

These panels can be had in a multitude of vinyl colors to match factory or existing TMI upholstery. Contrast stitching can also be ordered in different colors to either match the upholstery, or tie in the exterior color.

Comes standard with TMI’s Sport design which features vinyl wing inserts with vertical line stitching. These new door panels come with a new speaker grill and were made to accept the factory door handle and power window controls.

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