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Get Your Shine On! Tips for Polishing your Paint

As we get into event season, many of you might be pulling rods and customs out of the garage that have been collecting dust over the winter – or maybe they just haven’t been cleaned in a while. Getting that car or truck’s paint polished up, much like getting the engine tuned up, is a great way to get the season moving on a positive note.

The proliferation of compact, lightweight, and affordable orbital polishing and detailing machines has taken a lot of the physical effort out of correcting and polishing a car’s paint. Most detailing product companies now offer such a machine, and many enthusiasts have one in their garage. This month, I’m going to walk you through a simple two-step process on how you can use one to do some spring cleaning on your car’s paint. Each manufacturer has its own specific compounds and names for its different products, but they all generally follow similar steps to what I’ve outlined here. Let’s get our shine on!