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The Wheelsmith Announces NEW Mopar 2-Piece Steel Wheel

wheelsmith, wheel smith, steel wheels, mopar wheels, steeliesThe Wheelsmith known for their Made-To-Order Traditional and Modern Wheels is now offering a true classic. The Mopar 2-Piece Vented Steel Wheel.

This design features the guide holes found in early Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler wheels using Lug Bolts. The wheels fit original hubcaps with a 9.75” inside diameter. The wheels fit a 5×4.5” bolt pattern and come in 15” diameter with 6”, 7”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” widths. Custom Backspacing is available as – like all Wheelsmith Wheels – are made to order, here in the United States. For an extra deep look on the wider applications we can mount the centers in reverse position. The centers feature four “venting slots” to help keep the brakes cool. The wheels come in bare steel, chrome or powder-coated to your color specifications.

To get that true stock look, the two-piece steel wheels from The Wheelsmith are a great value with the customer service you have grown to expect from The Wheelsmith. Call Bob, Chris or Rex at 800-854-8937 to get your order started today.