Thai Drag Bikes, Fuel Curve

Thai Drag Bikes – Methanol, 1500cc and Bravado

Thai drag bikes? Through the beauty of Facebook and the world wide web, we as gearheads are able to witness exhibitions of speed we didn’t even know existed. The digital world can be a great teacher in that regard. Take this incredible footage of these insane Thai drag bikes and their fearless riders.

Using the same 1500cc two stroke engines that power the country’s longshaft propeller drag skiffs, these guys are even more insane than the boat guys as pavement tends to be much less forgiving than water. Adorned in nothing more than jeans and a tee shirt in some cases, these heroes bang the gears at wide open throttle in search of 1/8th mile glory. Any guess as to what these bikes might weigh? It can’t be more than 200lbs. We can’t stop watching this video. Enjoy!