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See the Road Ahead with a Summit Racing Headlight Conversion Kit

So you’ve updated or upgraded just about every part on your classic, muscle car, sport truck, or off-roader. Everything is working great and looking better than ever—except for the road in front of you. In fact, you can barely see the road at all.

What you need is some new headlights. Don’t bother with dull factory replacements—push more candlepower downrange with a Summit Racing headlights, head lights, summit, summit racingHeadlight Conversion Kit. These DOT/SAE-compliant conversion kits come complete with high-power 55/60 watt halogen bulbs and a full glass lenses for superior illumination and long life. On top of that, the kits give the front of your car a fresh new look, too.

The Headlight Conversion Kits are available with 7 inch round or 7 x 6 inch rectangular headlights.