Summernats 31, Holden, Fuel Curve

Summernats 31 – Burnout Masters and Tires on Fire

The recent Summernats 31 at Exhibition Park in Canberra, Australia was one for the books. As far as high octane festivals go, this is our favorite outside American borders. We had our international correspondent Corey Aldridge on hand to cover all of the excitement. Corey’s Summernats 31 photo essay will run Feb 1st.

The Summernats is best known for its INSANE burnout competitions. This tyre friar is courtesy of Dwane Pallentine in his heavy-hitting 1974 Torana. With its blown and injected, 400c.i. alcohol-huffing smallblock Chevy pumping out in excess of 1,000 ponies. Listen to that blower overdrive!

The Holden Torana manufactured by Australian automaker Holden from 1967 to 1980. Compact in size, they have been a popular street machine platform for years now in the land down under.

Nobody does burnouts better than the Aussie’s. They are the undisputed kings. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as Street Machine Magazine enjoyed filming it!