Spectrum Sound Deadening Spray – Damp Vibrations & Stop Road Noise

Are you looking to make your daily driver as quiet as a luxury car? Or maybe you want to tamp down the noise in your hot rod? Spectrum spray-on sound deadener is specifically formulated by Second Skin to permanently reduce sheet metal resonance and structure borne noise. Use Spectrum instead of a sound deadening mat or in combination with them on the hard to reach parts of your vehicle – it’s great for undercoating sound deadening and wheel wells. This water based, viscoelastic polymer will stick to just about anything, is easy to clean, environmentally safe, and tested for performance!

  • High heat, water based viscoelastic polymer
  • Apply in 1mm layers to the recommended 2mm total thickness (can go up to 5mm)
  • Excellent for hard to reach parts of your vehicle (undercarriage, wheel wells)
  • Temperature rated up to 400°F
  • Apply with a brush, roller, or spray gun
  • Check out the Spectrum Spray Kit for significant discounts on spray on accessories
  • Made in the USA

Product Usage Tips

  • Clean up with water within 30 minutes of application. Do not wait longer or Spectrum will dry. Always clean the spray gun between coats by running water through it.
  • If applying multiple layers of Spectrum, wait 30-60 minutes for the product to cure and change color from blue to black.
  • The temperature must be above 50°F for the entire 24 hours cure period after applying Spectrum. Dry times increase with low temperatures and high humidity. If you expect longer than usual dry times, we recommend thinner layers (0.5mm instead of 1mm) to the same total thickness.
  • Spectrum is designed to adhere to metal. Do not apply to plastic or fiberglass without the proper primer. If applying to a high gloss wax coat, you must sand down and apply a primer.
  • Do not freeze Spectrum! If it does freeze, do not mix, shake, or move until it has completely thawed.
  • Wait 24-36 hours (depending on humidity) before putting upholstery back in the vehicle. Wait 7 to 10 days before painting or applying a bed liner.
  • As Spectrum cures, its deadening properties will continue to increase. Vibration damping doubles from 4 hours –> 48 hours, and continues improving for 7 days.
  • Spectrum contains rust inhibitors and dries with a seamless finish. It is water resistant and safe to use for boat soundproofing.
  • Spectrum is not a bed liner. Even after it has cured, it can be damaged by heavy impact.
  • Shelf life of 1 year when stored at room temperature
  • Wheel well sound deadening applications require about 2 gallons for all 4 wheel wells (all vehicles).