Steele Rubber Camaro Sound Deadener

Steele Rubber Sound Deadener Underlayment for First-Generation Camaro and Firebird

When doing a restoration, you want to be sure to plan for things like road noise and heat by using the proper underlayment to keep them at bay. Cut and shaped to fit your specific vehicle and covered by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Steele Rubber is excited to bring you a new and complete Ulta-Mat Sound Deadener Underlayment Set for your classic 1968 & 1969 Camaro or Firebird.

The underlayment is a flexible and lightweight foil faced foam rubber sound and heat insulation material. The insulation material is a soft, self-adhesive semi-closed cell foam rubber. The foil facing of the material helps to reflect heat radiation. The foam rubber “cell” structure of the underlayment helps to reduce both heat and noise. The material can resist temperatures up to 320℉ (160℃).

This complete set includes insulation pieces for the floor, doors, quarter, and roof panels. Convertible models will have extra material that can be trimmed and used elsewhere.

Also available for 1967 Camaro & Firebird