DEI Sensor Covers

Formed Sensor Covers from DEI

Protect vulnerable equipment from heat, moisture & dirt

Protect vulnerable sensors, plugs and wire connectors on your off-road, race or street machine with new Formed Sensor Covers from Design Engineering, Inc. Extremely lightweight and easy to install, the covers fully encase automotive sensors, acting as a thermal barrier to prevent failures.

DEI Sensor Covers

“Formed Sensor Covers are a great way to protect sensors, plugs and wire connectors from heat, moisture and dirt,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “They are made from an aluminized insulation that acts as a thermal barrier.”

DEI Sensor Covers

Featuring a split-top design that makes installation a breeze, the silver covers are offered in 25mm (#10753) and 32mm (#10754) sizes to fit a variety of sensors, wire connectors and plugs. Additionally, DEI offers the 25mm and 32mm sizes sold in one kit (#10759) that can be nested together to fully cover sensors near engine manifolds, turbos and other heat sources.

The covers are constructed with an insulating inner layer and heat-reflective outer layer.

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