SEMA 2017 Gallery Day 4 – Babes & Bikes

We have seen it all here this year on the SEMA Show floor. Incredible builds, industry friends, celebrities, crazy Halloween costumes, rad race cars and more. Today’s gallery focuses on the beautiful ladies of the SEMA show as well as some of our favorite two wheeled terrors.

SEMA 2017, SEMA girls, Bikes, Fuel CurveIf attractive ladies move your needle, SEMA is a must. Not only beautiful, the ladies we photographed were all incredibly friendly and in some cases, very funny. One asked if she could become an official Fuel Curve spokes model. Of course we said yes!

The bikes were as beautiful as the babes. So much custom paint and bling! Some of the machine work in these bikes blew us away. Like the hot rods, customs, trucks and muscle cars we saw, the bike builders keep raising the bar to new heights. Don’t you agree?

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