Seduction Motorsports, Porsche Spyder, Fuel Curve

Seduction Motorsports, Iconic Porsches at an Affordable Price

Seduction Motorsports has a solution for those who seek Porsche’s rarest and most significant models. The 550 Spyder and the 356 pre A models are incredibly expensive in today’s market. So considering a replica from Chandler, AZ-based Seduction Motorsports can be a logical and less expensive option.

Seduction Motorsports, Porsche Spyder, Fuel Curve

The Porsche purpose-built 550 Spyder was a hit among racers. It debuted at the 1953 Geneva auto show and was an instant success on the racetrack. And yes, movie star James Dean died after crashing his newly acquired 550 Spyder while en route to a race in California. Porsche built only 90 of the 550 Spyders from 1952 to 1956. So as you can imagine, a real Spyder is ultra-expensive.

The Porsche 356 pre A came out in 1950 and set the tone for the shape and style of that entire series. It lasted through 1955 as the “pre A” version and was the company’s first production automobile. Less than 8,000 pre-A’s were made and actually from 1948-1950 some were made in Austria before the factory was shifted to Germany. They likewise are highly sought after and cost more than what is in your 401K.

Seduction Motorsports, Porsche Spyder, Fuel CurveSo a Seduction Motorsports replica might be the only way for many of us to enjoy the look and ride of a Spyder or a 356. They offer the two replica bodies for sale. They come as kits, rollers, and even turn-key packages. The owner of Seduction Motors, Daniel Verwers, said that most of the kits are shipped to overseas customers. They are designed to accept either the VW Type 1 or Porsche Type 4 air cooled engines or the Subaru EJ20/25 boxer water cooled engine. Verwers said he chose the engines for their power and weight, plus many aftermarket add-ons are available for these engines.

Seduction Motorsports, Porsche Spyder, Fuel Curve

With a kit package, you basically are shipped the chassis, body, and boxes of parts and put the pieces together. You’ll even need to source some additional pieces. For a roller, everything is assembled on the car except for the engine and transaxle. Recently Seduction Motorsports has offered a turn-key option where a ready-to-go vehicle is produced. This includes a title and registration. Spyders are registered as 1955’s while the pre-A’s get registered as a 1953. Recent changes to federal legislation in 2015 allows for small volume replica vehicle manufacturers to get waivers for some mandates. So shops like Seduction Motorsports can now offer a complete road-ready package. The kits start from under $13,000. A turn-key 550 Spyder will cost you a minimum of $43,500.

Seduction Motorsports, Porsche Spyder, Fuel CurveDaniel Verwers raced cars so he focused a lot on the handling of these sleek beauties. The jig-welded chassis is built with modern suspension components in mind and the suspension is offered with RideTech HQ front shocks offering on-the-spot tuning as desired. The rear suspension uses similar RideTech HQ coil-overs. Other shock options are available based on the needs of the customer. Together the ride can be customized to any track or driving situation. It can even be set up with independent rear suspension.

Seduction Motorsports, Porsche Spyder, Fuel CurveThe company, which started in 2012, has three shops covering 15,000 square feet with 12 full time employees. They outsource the upholstery work when needed and typically produce 25 units a year. Presently, the factory has a two-month waiting list for the kits, 5-7 months for rollers and 8-10 months. On rare occasion, suppliers are slow to deliver parts which can slow production.

Verwers said he saw what other companies were offering for replicas and knew that he could do a better job. It took him over three years to perfect the parts for the 356 and proudly states all parts are brand new and sourced from the U.S. when possible.

So if you don’t win the Powerball lottery, the offerings from Seduction Motorsports might be an affordable option for returning to an iconic age for Porsche.

Photos courtesy of Seduction Motorsports

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