Schwartz Performance, G-Machine Tri-Five Chassis, Fuel Curve

Hot New Product! Schwartz G-Machine Tri Five Chassis

The Schwartz G-Machine Tri Five chassis can make your shoebox Chevy handle like a late model sports car. If you’re looking to raise a few eyebrows at the local AutoCross or road course, The Schwartz Performance G-Machine Chassis will roll right under your classic Tri-Five body and instantly improve the ride quality and handling performance as if the big body was strapped to rails.

Schwartz G-Machine Tri Five Chassis, Fuel Curve

The Schwartz G-machine chassis is a true ‘bolt-in’ as they incorporate the original body mounting points to keep the installation process simple. You can even use the OE fuel tank. If you add horsepower, bigger brakes and stiffer springs to a stock chassis, you’re still going to encounter chassis flex and movement from that 60-plus year-old design. The Schwartz chassis is engineered to increase rigidity while shaving weight from your shoebox.

The Schwartz G-Machine Tri Five chassis incorporates needle bearing-supported upper A-arms and a design that provides separate adjustments for caster and camber (without any shims!). They also incorporate an exclusive shock mount design that allows longer coilovers to be used all the way around the car. This extra length, in combination with RideTech’s adjustable coilovers, results in improved handling characteristics as well as producing an incredibly smooth ride.

Schwartz G-Machine Tri Five Chassis, Fuel Curve

The rear suspension consists of a triangulated four-bar system with bind free, Teflon-lined spherical rod-ends coupled to a full-floating Moser 9-inch rear end. The standard brake package includes a set of 13” 6-piston Wilwoods up front with 4-piston calipers in the rear. If you want even more stopping power, you can opt for a number of 14” and 15” upgrades.

Schwartz G-Machine Tri Five Chassis, Fuel CurveThe G-Machine Chassis is designed to welcome nearly any GM drivetrain and features an adjustable transmission mount. In fact, Schwartz can supply any engine you’re looking for, including a new LT1/4, LS or even an old school small or big block!

Not only does the chassis perform well on a road course, but the ride quality is greatly improved for every day cruising. Enjoy the comfort and performance of your shoebox as if it were built today.

Schwartz G-Machine Tri Five Chassis, Fuel Curve

Learn more about the Schwartz G-machine tri five chassis HERE.

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