Red Line Oil Talks Lubricants and Fuel Additives

Discussing the details about lubricants can be a dry topic for most minds. Fortunately, this episode of’s Engineered video series has someone who can get into the nitty-gritty without making our eyes roll back into our head. Cameron Evans, director of marketing and development for Red line Oil, dispels myths about what motor oil’s made of, what “slipperiness” really means, whether or not fuel additives really work, and what’s the best oil to use on a track day. 

Cameron Evans has been a friend to Fuel Curve and Goodguys since 1988 when he and our VP of Publishing and Media John Drummond met on the starting line at Sears Point Raceway. They struck up a friendly wager on which car would explode first at the NHRA California Nationals. Cam worked as a cable stringer for Diamond P Sports. As you might recall, Cam’s famous father, Steve Evans, was the voice of Diamond P for decades. Drummond assisted getting Cam a job in media when he went to work for Popular Hot Rodding Magazine.
He then joined Red Line Oil under co-founder Tim Kerrigan where he went from special projects director to CEO after Kerrigan retired. Cameron has spent his life in the performance industry, co-hosted his own TV show, and has become one of the most influential forces in performance lubrication for motor racing worldwide.