QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft, Fuel Curve

QA1 Releases Carbon Fiber Driveshafts for Big Three Modern Muscle

QA1’s award-winning REV™ Series carbon fiber driveshafts are now available for 2010-2018 Camaros as well as 2018 models of Mustangs and Challenger SRT Hellcats. Certified to the SFI 43.1 specification, these one-piece bolt-on driveshafts are wound in-house for built-in strength and high-speed capability while still providing weight savings over stock.Fiber Driveshaft, Fuel Curve

Rated for vehicles with up to 1500 HP with a max torque of 1000 lb*ft (for applications with higher horsepower or torque, please call them so they can ask you how you plan to rotate the earth), these driveshafts are designed to optimize strength and performance on the strip, street or road course.

Fiber Driveshaft, Fuel Curve

A version of QA1’s 3M™ Matrix Resin was designed specifically for high temperature applications, so this protection is wound directly into the tube during manufacturing. The fiber is also wound at specific angles for each application to ensure ultimate torque capacity under the most extreme conditions while maximizing critical speed as you can see in this video.

Once the tube is wound, a high-strength structural adhesive is added which bonds the tube to the CNC-machined forged tube yokes using a proprietary 11-step bonding procedure. This ensures a more precise balance while providing increased assembly strength. The ends are completed with flange yokes and high-speed CV joints that include a high-speed sealing boot as well as high-temp grease.

Durable Spicer Life Series 1350 U-Joints are used, which provide high torque capacity and are maintenance-free. Once the assembly is complete, every shaft is harmonic tested to ensure it meets requirements for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

In addition to being stronger than steel and aluminum, QA1 REV™ Series driveshafts are lighter as well. The driveshafts provide up to 50% weight savings over the factory two-piece driveshafts, depending on the application. The strength and weight savings together provide extended transmission and differential life, quicker acceleration and more power to the ground.

Fiber Driveshaft, Fuel Curve

Ready-to-order carbon fiber driveshafts are newly available for:
• 2010-2015 Camaros (5th Gen)
• 2016-2018 Camaros (6th Gen)
• 2018 Mustangs with Manual Transmissions
• 2018 Mustangs with Automatic Transmissions
• 2018 Mustang GT350s
• 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats

Fiber Driveshaft, Fuel Curve

Extensively tested before, during and after production to ensure the highest quality, all QA1 driveshafts are proudly made in-house in QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota facility. QA1 also offers REV™ Series carbon fiber driveshafts in a variety of custom options too.

Visit QA1’s website at for a custom order form and for a complete list of available configurations.