CPP Pro Touring Fuel Tank, CPP Nova Fuel Tank

Pro-Touring Fuel Tank for Chevy Muscle Cars from CPP

CPP’s all new Pro-Touring Fuel Tank for Chevy Muscle Cars is designed with high performance applications in mind. The tank works with carbureted or fuel-injected engines and is easily installed using the factory mounting locations. It features an integrated surge tank designed to keep the fuel pickup submerged at all times. CPP Pro Touring Fuel Tank, CPP Nova Fuel TankThe tank has provisions for two pumps for high g-force applications and can be used with one fuel pump for moderate street use. When utilizing two fuel pumps, the pump mounted in the main body acts as a lift pump to keep the surge tank filled. This prevents the fuel system from drawing in air during hard acceleration, braking and cornering.

The Pro-Touring fuel tank can be visually distinguished by its sleek side cutouts which help the tank “hide” underneath the car even though it has a larger than stock fuel capacity (sizes vary by model). These cutouts also provide a significant amount of room for exhaust routing. The tank is made of 1/4-inch aluminum, making it the thickest and strongest in the industry. It accepts five and six-bolt sending units and uses industry-standard six-bolt fuel pump mounts. The new tank also has two 3/8” NPT bungs welded in for use as a drain and an extra vent. A block-off plate is supplied in case a second fuel pump is not used. The Pro-Touring tank is available for 67-69 Camaros, 62-67 Novas, and 64-72 Chevelles in both raw aluminum or black powder coat finish.

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