PowerTrain Technology Reverse Starter Mount Bellhousing

McLeod by PowerTrain Technology Introduces the Reverse Starter Bellhousing Kits

PowerTrain Technology logoMcLeod by PowerTrain Technology introduces the revolutionary reverse starter bellhousing kits. The kits are available for the 4.5”, 5.5”, and 7.25” diameter clutches.

The reverse starter bellhousing kits use. Lightweight, button-style flywheel, and a starter ring gear mounted on top of the clutch. The starter is mounted away from the heat of the headers. The small diameter flywheel and clutch allow the drivetrain to be mounted lower in the chassis and the small bellhousing fits easily into a stock car. Relocating the starter lowers the vehicle’s polar moment of inertia, resulting in better handling and faster turn-in response.

These bellhousing kits include a clutch, lightweight button flywheel, reverse starter mount bellhousing, reverse mount starter, hydraulic release bearing with external bleeder kit, reverse mount ring gear, clutch and flywheel bolts.

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