Patriot Chassis, K5 Blazer chassis, 4x4 blazer chassis

Patriot Chassis’ Independence series K5 Blazer Chassis

The 1968-72 K5 Blazers have the look that everyone wants. The rounded body lines and full convertible top have the iconic appeal that is taking the industry by storm. The only problem is there isn’t a readily available and engineered modern off road performance chassis available for them, until now.

Patriot Chassis is proud to present the Independence series K5 Blazer chassis. Patriot has gone beyond all of the competition by providing a fully modernized off-road chassis for this iconic vehicle. With independent front suspension boasting 16-inches of usable travel and a full triangulated 4-link rear with 15-inches of travel, the Independence series gives unmatched ride quality and off-road performance. The Independent Front suspension uses an Ultra4 inspired Uni-Ball design for unmatched performance and durability. No problems handling 35” or 37” tires. The triangulated 4-link rear uses race proven geometry with equal length upper and lower links to minimize roll steer and inspire driver confidence. Coupled with the Patriot Octagon series long travel sway bars front and rear you get the benefits of a long travel suspension while maintaining a confident driver inspiring stance in the corners.

Patriot Chassis, K5 Blazer chassis, 4x4 blazer chassis

The Patriot Chassis Independence series can be outfitted with your choice of rear differentials from the 11.5” AAM to a standard corporate 14 bolt or even a 9 inch ford. Patriot uses the AAM/GMC front 9.25” front differential and GMC one ton unit bearings and CV shafts for ease of replacement. 2.5” Fox coilover shocks are standard equipment with the option of upgrading to Patriot Air suspension which maintains full suspension travel and adds towing ability while delivering unmatched ride quality. Patriot makes a wide variety of chassis for late model 4×4 trucks with new models in the works monthly. They all use the same triangulated rear 4-link design and are available in independent front and traditional solid axle configuration.

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