MotoRad, Fuel Curve

MotoRad – A Leader in Safety and Service

Our friends at MotoRad are the unequaled leader in automotive thermostats; fuel, oil and coolant caps sold to the North American automotive aftermarket. That number is literally in the tens of millions so they’re quite busy making these components. The company is also a long time OE supplier and is a wholly owned subsidiary of MotoRad Automotive Products (MAP) in Israel and bring that expertise to hi-performance enthusiasts like us.

MotoRad’s line of thermostats is one of the most sophisticated and advanced in the automotive industry. MAP’s manufacturing facility in Israel uses state-of-the-art equipment, with strict quality control and functional testing, ensuring high quality and long lasting products. MotoRad offers the best coverage of thermostats and closure caps in the world for virtually any vehicle and engine on or off the road.

MotoRad, Fuel Curve

So this begs the question – if MotoRad is the gold standard in coolant caps, thermostats, fuel caps, oil caps as well as seals and gaskets, are you running their stuff on both your hot rod and your daily driver or shop truck? You should be!

MotoRad products are available through Summit Racing, and Speedway Motors. Easy to order and highly effective in keeping your engine’s fluid safe, MotoRad performance parts are a no brainer for your current or next hot rod project.

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