Turning up the Heat at Midnight Mass Woodland

You could sum up the 2018 Midnight Mass Woodland show in one word…Hot! The cars, the pin ups, the weather were all HOT at Midnight Mass Woodland.

Midnight Mass Woodland, Fuel Curve

First thing’s first – we’re here for the cars. The Poor Boys Car Club draws in a good mixture of classic American made rides. Low riders, traditional customs, rat rods, hot rods, and everything that falls in between these categories can be found on hand here at the Yolo County Fairgrounds.

Don’t get me wrong, we like specialty shows as much as the next guy but shows that mix and match styles a bit allow you to see things you might not otherwise see while you’re researching your next build.

Midnight Mass Woodland, Fuel Curve

You really never know where your next idea will come from so it never hurts to step outside your comfort zone. Shows like Midnight Mass Woodland make it even easier to do so, take two steps in either direction and you’ll see something different.

Midnight Mass Woodland, Fuel Curve

Summer in Woodland, California isn’t what we would call mild weather. The mercury was in the triple digits that day. While that might not mean much looking at coverage from the comfort of your air conditioned office or home, that makes a huge difference for the people bringing out cars, the bands that perform all day or the ladies decided to get up on stage and compete in a pin up contest.

Midnight Mass Woodland, Fuel Curve

It’s probably pretty apparent, but the pin up contest had a western theme this year. The ladies chose their own looks. Some based on their own cultural heritage, some playing that classic western movie villain or sheriff role, and even a bit of a steam punk vibe being shown off.

The first round narrows thing down the field from ten to six ladies. After that crowd participation really comes in to play and the three finalists are chosen. Much like real life, this isn’t just a beauty pageant. Personality plays a huge roll in choosing a winner. An outgoing personality can make a huge difference here.

After the pin up contest winds down the party isn’t even close to over. Assuming you’ve survived the heat of the day, you’re welcome to hang out all the way until 10pm when the show ends.

Midnight Mass Woodland, Fuel Curve

For the photographer that forgot his sunscreen at home though, it was time to get back to some shade. Next year someone remind me to bring some sun screen, and maybe a portable air conditioner!

Midnight Mass Photo Extra!

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