man plays f1 sounds on his guitar, fuel curve

Video: Spanish Man Plays F1 Sounds on his Guitar and its Genius!

We’ve seen our fair share of guitar wizards over the years. But never have we seen this. Spanish musician Mario Torrado combined his love for F1 with his electric guitar to bring us a sound comparison between a V-10, V8 and V6 F1 engine configurations at full speed.

The V-10 sounds best in our opinion but he offers a noble effort for the deeper voice of a V8 and the quirky sound of the V6.

But it’s his next video which blew us right off our chair. His recreation of Rubens Barrichello’s Ferrari V-10 F1 car setting the pole around the Monza circuit is simply mind-boggling. Acceleration notes, deceleration notes with throttle blips all while wielding his axe is downright genius. We got gooseflesh watching it and hearing it.

We hope you do too!